Authors Biography
Yvonne Rogers is the director of the Interaction Centre at UCL
and a professor of Interaction Design. She is internationally
renowned for her work in HCI and ubiquitous computing. She
is also a visiting professor at the Open University, Indiana Uni-
versity, and Sussex University and has spent sabbaticals at Stan-
ford, Apple, Queensland University, UCSD, and Universit y of
Cape Town. Her research focuses on augmenting and extending
everyday learning and work activities with a diversity of novel
technologies. She was one of the principal investigators on the
UK Equator Project (2000–2007) where she pioneered ubiqui-
tous learning. She has published widely,beginning with her Ph.D.
work on graphical interfaces to her recent work on public visu-
alizations and behavioral change. S he has also been awarded a prestigious EPSRC dream fellowship
where she is rethinking the relationship between aging, computing, and creativity.
Central to her work is a critical stance towards how visions, theories, and frameworks can shape
the fields of HCI, cognitive science, and Ubicomp. She has been instrumental in promulgating new
theories (e.g., external cognition), alternative methodologies (e.g., in-the-wild studies), and far-
reaching research agendas (e.g., Being Human: HCI in 2020 manifesto). She is also a co-author of
the definitive textbook on Interaction Design and HCI now in its 3
edition that has sold over
150,000 copies worldwide. She is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the ACM’s CHI

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