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HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting

Book Description

HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting bridges the gap between non-technical personnel (management and creative) and technical by giving you a working knowledge of digital television technology, a clear understanding of the challenges of HDTV and digital broadcasting, and a scope of the ramifications of HDTV in the consumer space. Topics include methodologies and issues in HD production and distribution, as well as HDTV's impact on the future of the media business. This book contains sidebars and system diagrams that illustrate examples of broadcaster implementation of HD and HD equipment. Additionally, future trends including the integration of broadcast engineering and IT, control and descriptive metadata, DTV interactivity and personalization are explored.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Author Biography
  9. Introduction
    1. Who Should Read this Book
  10. Executive Summary
  11. Transition to Digital
  12. 1. The Dawn of HDTV and Digital Television
    1. Analog and Digital TV Compared
    2. Going HiDef
    3. Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology
    4. Summary
  13. 2. A Compressed History of HDTV
    1. The Road to HDTV
    2. The Grand Alliance
    3. A DTV Standard at Last
    4. Producing HDTV
    5. HD Goes Coast-to-Coast
    6. DTV Conversion
    7. Summary
  14. 3. DTV Fundamentals
    1. Engineering Basics
    2. Presentation
    3. Compression
    4. MPEG-2 Video Compression
    5. Audio Compression
    6. Compressed Data Streams
    7. Packetized Transport
    8. Transmission
    9. Summary
  15. 4. The DTV Receiver
    1. Reception and Demodulation
    2. Transport Stream Demultiplexing
    3. Decoding and Decompression
    4. Program Assembly and Presentation
    5. Receiver Issues
    6. Presentation Concerns
    7. Summary
  16. 5. HDTV and DTV Standards
    1. Standards Bodies
    2. The ATSC Standards
    3. SMPTE Standards
    4. The Audio Engineering Society
    5. Cable DTV Standards
    6. Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
    7. The Consumer Electronics Association
    8. Other Societies and Organizations
    9. Summary
  17. 6. The Transition to Metadata
    1. The Origins of Metadata in Broadcasting
    2. Content-Related Metadata
    3. Control Metadata
    4. Summary
  18. 7. Emerging Technologies and Standards
    1. Technology and Standards Development
    2. Presentation
    3. Compression
    4. Delivery and Distribution
    5. MPEG and Metadata
    6. Enhanced, Interactive and Personalized
    7. Virtual Product Placement
    8. Multiplatform Emergency Alert System
    9. Summary
  19. 8. The Future and Digital Broadcasting
    1. Government Involvement in the Transition
    2. Technology
    3. Consumers and DTV Availability
    4. Global Transitions
    5. What Will Tomorrow Bring?
    6. Summary
  20. Index