Chapter 9. LINQ and lambdas: Get control of your data


It’s a data-driven world...we all need to know how to live in it.

Gone are the days when you could program for days, even weeks, without dealing with loads of data. Today, everything is about data, and that’s where LINQ comes in. LINQ is a feature of C# and .NET that not only lets you query data in your .NET collections in an intuitive way, but lets you group data and merge data from different data sources. You’ll add unit tests to make sure your code is working the way you want. Once you’ve got the hang of wrangling your data into manageable chunks, you can use lambda expressions to refactor your C# code to make it even more expressive

Jimmy’s a Captain Amazing super-fan...

Meet Jimmy, one of the most enthusiastic collectors of Captain Amazing comics, graphic novels, and paraphernalia. He knows all the Captain trivia, he’s got props from all the movies, and he’s got a comic collection that can only be described as, well, amazing.


...but his collection’s all over the place

Jimmy may be passionate, but he’s not exactly organized. He’s trying to keep track of the most prized “crown jewel” comics of his collection, but he needs help. Can you build Jimmy an app to manage his comics?

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