Chapter 7. tab bars and core data: Enterprise apps

Here's what I 've found: we just can't be competitive anymore without an iPhone app!

Enterprise apps mean managing more data in different ways.

Companies large and small are a significant market for iPhone apps. A small handheld device with a custom app can be huge for companies that have staff on the go. Most of these apps are going to manage lots of data, and iPhone 3.x has built in Core Data support. Working with that and another new controller, the tab bar controller, we're going to build an app for justice!

HF bounty hunting

With my business, I'm out of the office a lot. I got a new iPhone to take with me, and now I need an app help me keep track of fugitives.

Bob needs some help.

Bounty hunting is not a desk job; Bob needs lots of information to pick up fugitives. His iPhone is ideal to take along on the job and bring all of his case files with him. Here's what Bob needs in his app:

Bob the bounty hunter

❶ Bob needs a list of fugitives. He has to keep track of everyone he's looking for, along with people he's captured.

❷ He wants to be able to quickly display a list of just the captured fugitives.

❸ He also needs a display of the detailed information about each fugitive, like what they're wanted for, where they were last seen, and how much their bounty is.

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