Chapter 8. migrating and optimizing with core data: Things are changing

How about this one? I just can't seem to decide which outfit to wear...

We have a great app in the works.

iBountyHunter successfully loads the data that Bob needs and lets him view the fugitives in an easy way. But what about when the data has to change? Bob wants some new functionality, and what does that do to the data model? In this chapter you'll learn how to handle changes to your data model and how to take advantage of more Core Data features.

Bob needs documentation

To get paid, I need to be able to show who was captured when...

Bob needs to record more information.

Bob has to keep track of his work so he can be paid. That means that we need somewhere to store the day and time of a capture and then use that to build the captured view...

Remember that captured view we built in the last chapter?

How are we going to update iBountyHunter to handle the new information?

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