Chapter 9. camera, map kit, and core location: Proof in the real world

I can take a perfectly fine picture with this. I don't need a fancy iPhone...

The iPhone knows where it is and what it sees.

As any iPhone user knows, the iPhone goes way beyond just managing data: it can also take pictures, figure out your location, and put that information together for use in your app. The beauty about incorporating these features is that just by tapping into the tools that the iPhone gives you, suddenly you can import pictures, locations, and maps without much coding at all.

For Bob, payment requires proof!

Bob is working hard on getting as many fugitives off the street as he can, but to get paid he has to document his captures.

I need a picture of the arrest when it happens, and since my phone has a camera, I was thinking you might be able to help out...

That should be easy enough.

Bob wants a picture of his catch and he's going to need it to be pretty big—so let's go ahead and put it on its own view.

Those pictures will be great for advertising, not to mention that it will speed up payment!

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