Chapter 6. Saving, Editing, and Sorting Data: Everyone’s an editor...

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Displaying data is nice, but adding and editing information is what makes an app really hum.

DrinkMixer is great—it uses some cell customization, and works with plist dictionaries to display data. It’s a handy reference application, and you’ve got a good start on adding new drinks. Now it’s time to give the user the ability to modify the data—saving, editing, and sorting—to make it more useful for everyone. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at editing patterns in iOS apps and how to guide users with the Nav Controller.

Sam is ready to add a Red-Headed School Girl...


A new drink at the Lounge

Sam went to try DrinkMixer with the new add view and ran into problems right away.

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image with no caption

We have a problem with our view, since we can’t get to some of the fields.

...but the keyboard is in the way

We’re back to the keyboard problem we saw earlier with InstaEmail. When Sam taps on a control, it gets focus (becomes the first responder) and asks iOS to show the keyboard. Generally, that’s a good thing. However...

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Brain Barbell

How did we deal ...

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