Appendix A. Leftovers: The Top Ten Things (We Didn’t Cover)

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Even after all that, there’s still plenty we didn’t get around to. There are lots of other jQuery and JavaScript goodies we didn’t manage to squeeze into the book. It would be unfair not to tell you about them, so you can be more prepared for any other facet of jQuery you might encounter on your travels.

#1. Every single thing in the jQuery library

You probably realize by now that jQuery is a massive library. We tried to cover the main stuff that a person new to jQuery would need. You are now armed with all of this knowledge so you can go and check the rest of the library out.

jQuery methods

 deferred.done() deferred.isRejected() deferred.isResolved() deferred.pipe() deferred.promise() deferred.reject() deferred.rejectWith() deferred.resolve() deferred.resolveWith() deferred.then() .delay() .delegate() .dequeue() jQuery.dequeue() .detach() .die() jQuery.each() .each() .empty() .end() ...

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