appendix: leftovers

The Top Ten Things (we didn’t cover)


We’ve really covered a lot of ground in this book.

The thing is, there are some important topics and tidbits that didn’t quite fit into any of the previous chapters. We feel pretty strongly about this, and think that if we didn’t at least cover them in passing, we’d be doing you a disservice. That’s where this chapter comes into the picture. Well, it’s not really a chapter, it’s more like an appendix (OK, it is an appendix). But it’s an awesome appendix of the top ten best bits that we couldn’t let you go without.

Image Managing comments

Comments are an essential part of any online community or blog and WordPress makes it easy manage reader comments and deal with spam (unwanted comments often come from “bots” as well). Depending on your settings, comments are either automatically posted to your blog (unless they are spam) or held for moderation, which requires the site administrator to approve the comment before it gets posted on the live site.


Image Migrating from

One powerful feature of WordPress is its ability to import ...

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