5 video and plug-ins

Getting things moving


Video can add a whole other dimension to your blog. For nearly any kind of content, video makes your site more engaging, and gives you readers plenty more to comment on and share with their friends. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to host your videos online and include them (along with other downloadable files) in your blog posts. We’ll introduce plug-ins, which do a lot of heavy lifting (and coding) for you, and use categories to create a consistent, easy-to-find home for all the videos on your site.

Adding video to Thanks for Mutton

Now that we’ve got the Thanks for Mutton blog under control and publishing on a schedule, the staff has really started to get creative and wants to add other media to their articles like videos and recipe downloads. Two of the writers have come to you with a cooking video they’ve made along with some other content that they want to put in a post. But they have no idea how to get it on the site. Do we upload it to the site? What about YouTube or other video sharing sites? On top of that, how do we add more than one piece of media or content to a single post? Let’s get to work!


Host your videos outside WordPress ...

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