About NAI
Numerof & Associates, Inc. is a strategic management consult-
ing firm focused on organizations in dynamic, rapidly chang-
ing industries like healthcare. For over 25 years, we’ve helped
major pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics com-
panies, academic and community health systems, and payers
address the strategic and operational challenges to profitable
growth and global market leadership. Our work across the
entire healthcare spectrum provides us with unique capabili-
ties to develop systemic, customized client solutions. We help
clients with three broad types of issues:
strategy development and execution, closing the gap
between where they are and where they need to be;
operational excellence, addressing core processes in criti-
cal functional and operational areas; and
organizational infrastructure, building enterprise-wide
processes that create and sustain excellence.
We believe that periods of economic turbulence present the
opportunity to gain competitive advantage and increase mar-
ket share… with the right strategy, well executed. We bring a
dual focus on strategy and execution, helping our clients to
ensure that they are working toward a clearly defined set of
strategic goals, and that they have the alignment, infrastruc-
ture, and capabilities in place to achieve them.
224 ◾  About NAI
We’ve been leaders in defining the role of economic and
clinical value in developing sustainable differentiation, and
in helping clients redesign their business models to capital-
ize on such changes. Operationalizing such profound strategic
shifts requires challenging assumptions and developing new
approaches to key parts of the business—from pricing and
bundled payment, to clinical integration and new delivery
models, to marketing and portfolio management, to commer-
cialization and M&A processes. If you are looking for con-
sultative support in preparing your organization for a rapidly
changing business environment, we would like to talk to you.

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