Healthcare and life sciences are complex fields to begin with. They reside at the junction of science, medicine, government regulations, and very specific payment or reimbursement models. But recent and continuing changes—advancing healthcare reforms, accelerating new technologies, and emerging operating models—are challenging the knowledge base of even those who have been associated with it for years.

To aid readers of diverse backgrounds, we went through Healthcare Disrupted and identified a select set of words, phrases, names, and concepts that we thought would benefit, in particular, from stand-alone explanations. We do define most of the terms where they first appear in the book; this list is meant as an additional reference, a clarifying tool, a way to step back and consider a few key concepts by themselves, and in some cases, this list suggests where readers might find additional information.

  1. Affordable Care Act (ACA): United States legislation, formally the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, that has expanded Medicaid coverage (payment for healthcare for low-income individuals), designed to lower healthcare costs and provide healthcare for more low-income Americans. Informally called “Obamacare.”
  2. accountable care organizations (ACOs): These organizations are made up of groups of doctors and other health services providers (hospitals, clinics) that agree to coordinate their efforts in caregiving to ensure that patients receive the quality of care they ...

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