Chapter 7The New Health DigitalsThe leaders of other industry sectors, including digital consumer technologies and services, and global scale digital cloud services, have arrived (along with some opportunistic start-ups) to create a new segment in the healthcare industry, to collaborate (and compete) with value innovators, and to change where and how patients receive care.

Spotting the opportunity to disrupt traditional processes and fundamentally reinvent ways of working and living (as they have elsewhere), several very well known digital companies (Apple, Google, and Samsung among them) have entered the healthcare space. We call them “Digital Gone Healthcare” businesses. Complementing and competing with these companies are legacy “Healthcare Gone Digital” businesses, led by IBM, QualComm, GE, and Philips.

New “Start-Up Digital” companies are also entering the space, for the dual purpose of connecting patients to providers and making their communications more meaningful by capturing and transmitting patient data in real time.

Together, these companies represent the “New Health Digitals” model. This model is enabling increasing numbers of patients to take control of their health, creating the foundations for the emerging business models, and redefining what we may even mean by “healthcare” as a service. If early indications are correct, this model will underpin a new set of health and wellness economics. Healthcare stakeholders will need to be strategically prepared for this ...

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