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Heart & Soul: Five American Companies That Are Making the World a Better Place

Book Description

In Heart & Soul, Shook takes readers on heartwarming journeys through some of America’s most successful companies: •Mary Kay (Dallas), whose primary focus has always been to be a vehicle for women’s success and independence in a world that often supports neither; the company now has more than 2 million women working toward their dreams in 37 countries •DaVita (Los Angeles/Denver), dedicated to becoming the world’s best dialysis company. America’s number-one provider of dialysis treatment, DaVita treats its patients and employees like family members. •InRETURN (Cincinnati), a company that intentionally employs those with brain injuries and other neurological challenges •World Wide Technology (St.Louis), the largest African-American–owned business in the nation, which thrives on biblical principles of fairness and caring •Starkey Laboratories (St.Paul/Minneapolis), whose employees travel to remote places to provide more than 50,000 hearing aids to the poor To the employees of these companies, success is measured by the good they accomplish in the world. However, profiting and caring aren’t mutually exclusive—these companies demonstrate how any company of any size can do both.