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Heavy-Lifting Using R Libraries

Video Description

Tap into some of the thousands of available R libraries that let us do state-of-the-art things with little effort!

About This Video

  • Perform multi-core high performance computations

  • Produce interactive reports for global warming

  • Plot data dynamically with Google Maps

  • In Detail

    In this video course, you will learn to tap some of the powerful abilities of R. R is one of the leading packages in the world with a vast number of active users and, as a result, has a massive number of state-of-the-art libraries. You will master the basics and get comfortable with R, so you can then use its libraries to do the heavy-lifting. You'll begin by looking at high-performance computing in the classic, computationally intensive scenario: finding prime numbers.Then you'll learn how to use R, before moving on to using C++, which is far faster. Next you will use the power of parallel, though that varies from problem to problem since some are more suitable for parallelization. Then you will look at some powerful options available on R where you don't just produce a static result but instead respond to user selections. This will be a small sample of the countless alternatives out there. Having learnt that there are exciting things going on in data science, you can now begin your journey in whatever specialized niche you wish. Don't stop here, this is just the start. There are active R communities on the internet and many Packt books and courses to take you to where you want to go!