The idea for this book was born during one of the wealth management courses that I conducted for children of clients of a private bank. Each of them, ranging in age between 19 and 27 years old, is destined to lead a wealthy life. This course made me realize one important lesson: Thanks to the basic knowledge these children gained about wealth management and, as a consequence, the higher level of appreciation for the potential added value of a private bank, they will in future be able to extract maximum value from the relationship with their private bankers.

True private banking is not about selling financial products to the rich; it is about addressing concerns and solving wealth-related problems. That is precisely what makes private banking such a fulfilling profession. With the current levels of skepticism toward the financial industry, it is more important than ever to emphasize this message: Private banks add real value. I am not saying this out of sympathy with the private banks, but because I believe that ignoring this message may lead to missing out on experiencing this added value for the wrong reason (i.e., ignorance).

As I said, to really benefit from a relationship with a private bank it is important to obtain a basic level of knowledge about private banking. That is the premise behind the wealth management courses for the next generation wealthy that I deliver and that is the premise behind this book. As such this book intends to serve as a compass ...

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