Stand and Deliver


“It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.”

—William Carlos Williams, American Poet, 1883–1963

Content matters. But in the way that great ideas fail because of poor execution, pitches often fail because of poor delivery. Delivery encompasses your body language as well as your vocal delivery. Research establishes that how you say is more important than what you say in your pitch. By using your body language and vocal delivery in the right way, you will more effectively engage your audience and persuade them to take the action you want.

This chapter will show you how to quickly and effectively use your body language and vocal delivery for maximum impact.


Presenters who use energy in their voice and body language to energize, excite, and motivate their audience. Energy is infectious and can inspire, raise spirits, and generate optimism during the toughest of times. Great examples of high-energy communicators include Oprah and successful entrepreneur and business leader Nido Qubein, who radiates warm positive energy that makes you smile. Peak performance coach Anthony Robbins is living, breathing, walking, talking energy. Robbins's high-energy performances motivate people to successfully ...

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