Chapter 1: Salesmen Don’t Have to Wear Plaid

The 1950s: When Even X-Acto Blades Were Dull.

“What?! We Don’t Have to Suck?!”

The Empire Strikes Back.

Portrait of The Artist As A Young Hack.

Chapter 2: A Sharp Pencil Works Best

Why Nobody Ever Chooses Brand X.

Staring At Your Partner’s Shoes.

Why The Creative Process is Exactly Like Washing A Pig.

The Sudden Cessation of Stupidity.

It’s All About The Benjamins.

Brand = Adjective.

Simple = Good.

Before You Put Pen To Paper.

Chapter 3: A Clean Sheet of Paper

Saying The Right Thing The Right Way.

A Few Words On Authenticity.

Get Something, Anything, On Paper.

“Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?”

“The Reverse Side Also Has A Reverse Side.”

Simple = Good, Part II.

A Few Words About Outdoor. (Three Would Be Ideal, Actually.)

A Few Things Before We Break For Lunch.

Chapter 4: Write When You Get Work

Whatever You’re Making, Make it Way Better Than it Has To Be Made.

95 Percent of All Advertising is Poorly Written. Don’t Add to The Pile.

Writing Body Copy

A Few Notes on Design and One On Thinning The Herd.

What To Do If You’re Stuck.

Insanity, Office Politics, and Award Shows.

Chapter 5: Concepting for the Hive Mind

Brave New Marketing

The New Creative Person is T-Shaped.

Content is King.

What The New Ideas Look Like, Besides Cool.


“C’Mon Dad, Tell Us Just One More Interactive Or Transmedia Narrative, Pleeease?”

This is Not “The Section” On Social Media.

If Content is King, Conversation is Queen.

Facebook ...

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