Appendix 1

This appendix gives an idea of the structures of various equiatomic and nonequiatomic HEA solid solutions. The HEAs have been grouped according to their structures.

Table A1.1

HEAs with BCC Structure

CompositionProcessing RouteReference
Equiatomic Alloys
AlFeTiMAVaralakshmi et al. (2008)
CrTiV MaS Tsai et al. (2010b)
HfNbZr Sputtering Guo et al. (2013c) and Nagase et al. (2013)
AlCrFeTi MA Varalakshmi et al. (2008)
MoNbTaW AM Senkov et al. (2010, 2011b) and Widom et al. (2013)
AlCoCrFeNi MA Ji et al. (2014)
AlCoCrFeNi SC Wang et al. (2009b) and Qiao et al. (2011)
AlCoCrFeNi AM Wang et al. (2008) and Zhou et al. (2008b)
AlCoCrFeNi BS Zhang et al. (2012b)
AlCoCrNiSi GTAW cladding Lin and Cho (2008)
AlCoCrFeNi Electro-spark deposition ...

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