High Frequency Communication and Sensing: Traveling-Wave
Techniques introduces novel traveling wave circuit techniques to boost
the performance of high-speed circuits in standard low-cost production
technologies, like complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS). A
valuable resource for experienced analog/radio frequency (RF) circuit
designers as well as undergraduate-level microelectronics researchers,
this book:
Explains the basics of high-speed signaling, such as transmission lines,
distributed signaling, impedance matching, and other common practical
RF background material
Promotes a dual-loop coupled traveling wave oscillator topology, the
trigger mode distributed wave oscillator, as a high-frequency multiphase
signal source
Introduces a force-based starter mechanism for dual-loop, even-symmetry,
multiphase traveling wave oscillators, presenting a single-loop version
as a force mode distributed wave antenna (FMDWA)
Describes higher-frequency, passive inductive, and
quarter-wave-length-based pumped distributed wave oscillators (PDWOs)
Examines phased-array transceiver architectures and front-end circuits in
detail, along with distributed oscillator topologies
Devotes a chapter to THz sensing, illustrating a unique method of traveling
wave frequency multiplication and power combining
Discusses various data converter topologies, such as digital-to-analog
converters (DACs), analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), and GHz-band-
width sigma-delta modulators
Covers critical circuits including phase rotators and interpolators, phase
shifters, phase-locked loops (PLLs), delay-locked loops (DLLs), and more
It is a signicantly challenging task to generate and distribute high-speed
clocks. Multiphase low-speed clocks with sharp transition are proposed to
be a better option to accommodate the desired timing resolution. High
Frequency Communication and Sensing: Traveling-Wave Techniques
provides new horizons in the quest for greater speed and performance.
Engineering – Electrical
High Frequency
Ahmet Tekin
Ahmed Emira
High Frequency
and Sensing
Devices, Circuits, and Systems
Series Editor
Krzysztof Iniewski
CMOS Emerging Technologies Research Inc.,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Atomic Nanoscale Technology in the Nuclear Industry
Taeho Woo
Biological and Medical Sensor Technologies
Krzysztof Iniewski
Building Sensor Networks: From Design to Applications
Ioanis Nikolaidis and Krzysztof Iniewski
Circuits at the Nanoscale: Communications, Imaging, and Sensing
Krzysztof Iniewski
Design of 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems
Rohit Sharma
Electrical Solitons: Theory, Design, and Applications
David Ricketts and Donhee Ham
Electronics for Radiation Detection
Krzysztof Iniewski
Embedded and Networking Systems:
Design, Software, and Implementation
Gul N. Khan and Krzysztof Iniewski
Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems
Madhu Bhaskaran, Sharath Sriram, and Krzysztof Iniewski
Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, and Nanostuctures:
Techniques and Applications
James E. Morris and Krzysztof Iniewski
High-Speed Devices and Circuits with THz Applications
Jung Han Choi
High-Speed Photonics Interconnects
Lukas Chrostowski and Krzysztof Iniewski
High Frequency Communication and Sensing:
Traveling-Wave Techniques
Ahmet Tekin and Ahmed Emira
Integrated Microsystems: Electronics, Photonics, and Biotechnology
Krzysztof Iniewski
Integrated Power Devices and TCAD Simulation
Yue Fu, Zhanming Li, Wai Tung Ng, and Johnny K.O. Sin
Internet Networks: Wired, Wireless, and Optical Technologies
Krzysztof Iniewski
Labs-on-Chip: Physics, Design and Technology
Eugenio Iannone
Low Power Emerging Wireless Technologies
Reza Mahmoudi and Krzysztof Iniewski
Medical Imaging: Technology and Applications
Troy Farncombe and Krzysztof Iniewski
Metallic Spintronic Devices
Xiaobin Wang
MEMS: Fundamental Technology and Applications
Vikas Choudhary and Krzysztof Iniewski
Micro and Nanoelectronics: Emerging Device Challenges and Solutions
Tomasz Brozek
Microuidics and Nanotechnology: Biosensing to the Single Molecule Limit
Eric Lagally
MIMO Power Line Communications: Narrow and Broadband Standards,
EMC, and Advanced Processing
Lars Torsten Berger, Andreas Schwager, Pascal Pagani, and Daniel Schneider
Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design
Walter Karlen
Nano-Semiconductors: Devices and Technology
Krzysztof Iniewski
Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook
James E. Morris and Krzysztof Iniewski
Nanopatterning and Nanoscale Devices for Biological Applications
Šeila Selimovic´
Nanoplasmonics: Advanced Device Applications
James W. M. Chon and Krzysztof Iniewski
Nanoscale Semiconductor Memories: Technology and Applications
Santosh K. Kurinec and Krzysztof Iniewski
Novel Advances in Microsystems Technologies and Their Applications
Laurent A. Francis and Krzysztof Iniewski
Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
Krzysztof Iniewski
Radiation Effects in Semiconductors
Krzysztof Iniewski
Semiconductor Radiation Detection Systems
Krzysztof Iniewski
Smart Grids: Clouds, Communications, Open Source, and Automation
David Bakken
Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications
Krzysztof Iniewski
Technologies for Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion
Kevin Yallup and Krzysztof Iniewski
Telecommunication Networks
Eugenio Iannone
Testing for Small-Delay Defects in Nanoscale CMOS Integrated Circuits
Sandeep K. Goel and Krishnendu Chakrabarty
VLSI: Circuits for Emerging Applications
Tomasz Wojcicki
Wireless Technologies: Circuits, Systems, and Devices
Krzysztof Iniewski
Analog Electronics for Radiation Detection
Renato Turchetta
Cell and Material Interface: Advances in Tissue Engineering,
Biosensor, Implant, and Imaging Technologies
Nihal Engin Vrana
Circuits and Systems for Security and Privacy
Farhana Sheikh and Leonel Sousa
CMOS: Front-End Electronics for Radiation Sensors
Angelo Rivetti
CMOS Time-Mode Circuits and Systems: Fundamentals and Applications
Fei Yuan
Electrostatic Discharge Protection of Semiconductor Devices
and Integrated Circuits
Juin J. Liou
Gallium Nitride (GaN): Physics, Devices, and Technology
Farid Medjdoub and Krzysztof Iniewski
Implantable Wireless Medical Devices: Design and Applications
Pietro Salvo
Laser-Based Optical Detection of Explosives
Paul M. Pellegrino, Ellen L. Holthoff, and Mikella E. Farrell

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