High-Impact Interview Questions, 2nd Edition

Book description

Ask the right questions. Hire the best people.

Most prospective hires come well prepared. So how do you get past the polished exteriors and rehearsed replies to discover what applicants are actually like?

High-Impact Interview Questions shows you how to dig deeper using competency-based behavioral interviewing methods to uncover truly relevant and useful information. By having candidates describe specific, job-related situations (rather than relying on traditional questions), you’ll gain a clearer picture of past behaviors — and more accurately predict future performance.

Packed with hundreds of questions matched to in-demand skills, this user-friendly guide simplifies the process of selecting the right person for each position. Offering advice on evaluating answers and assessing cultural fit, the second edition of High-Impact Interview Questions features dozens of all-new questions designed to gauge accountability, assertiveness, attention to detail, judgment, follow-through, risk-taking, social media usage, and more.

Hiring a dream employee takes more than a hunch. This book helps you ask the tough but necessary questions that reveal the real person behind the resume.

Product information

  • Title: High-Impact Interview Questions, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Victoria A. Hoevemeyer, Paul Falcone
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814438831