21Cherish or Perish

“Global headquarters?” asked Brian pointing to the words at the front entrance.

“Geez!” replied Sam, “You see everything. At least pretend to miss things so I can point out my progress, okay?”

“Ha! Okay, give me the tour.”

As Brian entered Stamina, he felt a new energy. He saw staff members working together as Sam showed off the cosmetic updates to the four huddle rooms. Sam proudly explained how each one had a wall dedicated to one of Stamina's core values.

“Another cool thing,” said Sam, “is that the staff refers to each of these rooms as either the ‘Work,' ‘Play,' ‘Curious,' or “Nice' room.”

“Great form of repetition for your values. And what's that?” Brian asked, pointing to a digital clock.

“Oh, that's our countdown clock. Since we set the quarterly goals, the engineers bought the clock to remind everyone that time's always ticking. It also tracks the time until our next hack-a-thon. Since quarter four's huge in the tech space, it's my reminder to be ready for that.”

“No matter how you use it,” said Brian, “it's another great idea. Like the motivational messages I see here too. They promote good energy.”

“You want energy?” replied Sam, “Let's go see the engineers.”

Sam led Brian to the engineering room.

“Hey Raj!” called Sam. “Look who's here!”

When Raj saw Brian, he jogged over.

“Hey, Coach!” said Raj. “What's the word?”

“The word is your game's a big hit at the university. Coach Chase told me the players are addicted.”

“Yes!” Raj raised his hands ...

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