BLACS basic linear algebra communication subprograms
BLAS basic linear algebra subprograms (PBLAS = parallel BLAS)
CAD computer aided design
CEM computational electromagnetics
EFIE electric field integral equation
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMI electromagnetic interference
FDTD finite difference time domain
GUI graphical user interface
HOBBIES higher order basis based integral equation solver
IE integral equation
IP internet protocol
I/O input-output
LAPACK linear algebra package
(ScaLAPACK = scalable LAPACK; PLAPACK = parallel LAPACK)
LINPACK Linear algebra package and has now been superseded by LAPACK
MoM method of moments
MPI message passing interface
NUN number of unknowns
NURBS non-uniform rational B-spline
OCS out-of-core solver
PBLAS parallel basic linear algebra subprograms
PEC perfect electric conductor
PMCHW Poggio–Miller–Chang–Harrington–Wu
PO physical optics
RCS radar cross section
RWG Rao–Wilton–Glisson
SIE surface integral equation
TEM transverse electromagnetic
TLB translation lookaside buffer
USB universal serial bus

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