Page numbers followed by findicate figures.


absorber construction, 3536, 36f

acoustics, 10, 18f, 20f

solutions in construction, 39

Acoustic guitar, microphone technique, 130f, 132f, 133, 137f


creative treatments, 104

fundamentals, 47

importance, 3

instruments, 132133

problems, 79

solutions in construction, 3739


control, 1012

control versus isolation, 1314

isolation, 1213

Active speaker, 94, 94f

ADC, see Analog-to-digital converter

Amplitude, sound wave, 5, 5f

Analog system

recording, 111112

signal processing, 109111, 109f

Analog-to-digital converter (ADC), 7677, 76f, 113f114f

Art, displaying, 104, 104f

Attack, compressor, 142143

Audio interface

mixer functions, 8891, 88f

mixing console comparison, ...

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