How Home Theater and HDTV Work

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Home theater and HDTV are hot, but most consumers know little or nothing about these technologies. You no longer have to rely on sales people to direct you to underpowered and overpriced equipment that doesn't meet your needs and is quickly outdated. Take matters into your own hands with How HDTV and Home Theater Works. Armed with this book, you will not only understand what you want, but why you want it and how to hook it all up. This book covers topics and most likely interest and confuse you, including:

  • Broadcast vs. cable vs. satellite television

  • Standard defintion vs. high definition TV

  • Surround sound

  • DVD and TiVo recorders

  • With all of this great information, presented to you in a highly-visual, four-color format, How HDTV and Home Theater Work is the only home theater book that you'll need to not only show you how to hook up your system, but how to maximize its performance.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. About the Author and Illustrator
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
    5. Introduction
    6. 1. How Television Works
      1. 1. How Broadcast Television Works
        1. How the Traditional Broadcast Television System Works
        2. How Electronic Television Systems Work
        3. How Television Signals Are Transmitted
        4. How Television Signals Work
        5. How Television Frequencies Work
        6. How Resolution Is Measured
        7. How the NTSC, PAL, and SECAM Systems Compare
      2. 2. How Cable Television Works
        1. How a Traditional Cable System Works
        2. How a Fiber–optic Cable System Works
        3. How Digital Cable Works
        4. How On–Demand Cable Works
      3. 3. How Satellite Television Works
        1. How Satellite Signals Are Transmitted
        2. How Satellite Dishes Work
        3. How Satellite Receivers Work
    7. 2. How High-Definition Television Works
      1. 4. How Digital Television Works
        1. How Digital Signals Work
        2. How Different Digital Formats Compare
        3. How Progressive Scanning Works
        4. How Digital Compression Works
      2. 5. How HDTV Works
        1. How the Components of HDTV Work Together
        2. How HDTV Reproduces a Better Picture
        3. How HDTV Signale Are Transmitted
      3. 6. How Screen Aspect Ratios Work
        1. How Different Aspect Ratios Compare
        2. How Letterboxing Works
        3. How 4:3 Programming Is Displayed on a 16:9 Screen
        4. How Anamorphic Widescreen DVDs Work
    8. 3. How Video Displays Work
      1. 7. How Direct-View Televisions Work
        1. How a Cathode-ray Tube Works
        2. How to Make a Flatter, Slimmer CRT
      2. 8. How Rear Projection Televisions Work
        1. How CRT Rear Projection TVs Work
        2. How DLP Rear Projection TVs Work
        3. How LCD Rear Projection TVs Work
        4. How LCoS Rear Projection TVs Work
      3. 9. How Front Projection Televisions Work
        1. How CRT Front Projection TVs Work
        2. How Microdisplay Front Projection TVs Work
      4. 10. How Flat-panel Televisions Work
        1. How Plasma TVs Work
        2. How LCD TVs Work
      5. 11. How to Choose a Video Display
        1. How Different Video Displays Compare
          1. Direct View
          2. Rear Projection
          3. Front Projection
          4. Flat-Panel
        2. How to Choose the Right Screen Size for Your Room
    9. 4. How Audio Works
      1. 12. How Audio Equipment Works
        1. How Preamplifiers Work
        2. How Power Amplifiers Work
        3. How Surround–Sound Processors Work
        4. How Audio/Video Receivers Work
      2. 13. How Speakers Work
        1. How Woofers and Tweeters Work
        2. How a Subwoofer Works
        3. How Different Speaker Enclosures Work
      3. 14. How Surround Sound Works
        1. How Dolby Digital Works
        2. How 6.1– and 7.1–Channel Surround Sound Works
        3. How Dolby Pro Logic Works
        4. How Dolby Pro Logic IIx Works
        5. How Different Surround Sound Formats Compare
    10. 5. How Audio/Video Sources Work
      1. 15. How Videotape Recorders Work
        1. How a VHS VCR Works
        2. How a Digital Video Camcorder Works
      2. 16. How CD and DVD Players Work
        1. How CDs and DVDs Work
        2. How High-Definition DVDs Work
        3. How a DVD Player Works
        4. How a DVD Recorder Works
      3. 17. How Digital Video Recorders Work
        1. How Hard Disk Recording Works
        2. How You Can Pause “Live” Television
        3. How TiVo and Other Electronic Program Guides Work
      4. 18. How Digital Media servers work
        1. How Digital Audio Works
        2. How a Media Server Works
        3. How a Media Center PC Works
        4. How a Media Hub Works
    11. 6. How Home Theater Systems Work
      1. 19. How to Set Up a Home Theater System
        1. How to Create the Perfect Home Theater Room
        2. How to Position the Television
        3. How to Position the Speakers
        4. How to Connect the Components
        5. How to Connect the Speakers
        6. How to Calibrate the Picture
        7. How to Calibrate the Sound
      2. 20. How Video Cables Work
        1. How Coaxial Connections Work
        2. How Composite Video Connections Work
        3. How S-Video Connections Work
        4. How Component Video Connections Work
        5. How DVI Connections Work
        6. How HDMI Connections Work
        7. How Different Video Connections Compare
      3. 21. How Audio Cables Work
        1. How Line Audio Connections Work
        2. How Optical Digital Connections Work
        3. How Coaxial Digital Connections Work
        4. How Different Audio Connections Compare
      4. 22. How Remote Controls Work
        1. How Infrared Remotes Work
        2. How RF Remotes Work
        3. How Universal Remotes Work
        4. How Learning Remotes Work
        5. How Programmable Remotes Work
        6. How Two-Way Remotes Work
    12. Glossary

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    • Title: How Home Theater and HDTV Work
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: November 2005
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780789734457