How Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Works

Book description

Windows Vista is the long-awaited upgrade to the Microsoft Windows operating system, and it's a lot different from the Windows you're used to. What's new in Windows Vista–and how do all those new features work?

How Microsoft Windows Vista Works is the first book to take you inside the new Windows Vista operating system and show you how all the pieces and parts work. With clear and simple explanations and illustrations that say, "You, too, can understand this," How Microsoft Windows Vista Works gives you detailed information on the hidden workings of Windows Vista–from the new Aero interface inside to the Windows kernel. It's a four-color, highly visual explanation of everything that matters about Windows Vista, including:

  • How Windows Vista differs from Windows XP

  • How Windows controls your computer

  • How User Account Control protects your system

  • How virtual folders and instant search work

  • How Windows Vista renders graphics

  • How the Aero interface and the Windows Sidebar work

  • How Internet Explorer 7's tabbed browsing works

  • How Windows connects to a wireless network

  • How the new Windows Photo Gallery manages your digital photos

  • Contents 

    Introduction  xi

    Part I: What Windows Vista Is–and What It Does  2

    Chapter 1      Understanding Windows and Other Operating Systems  6

    Chapter 2      How Windows Vista Differs from Windows XP  14

    Chapter 3      What Windows Vista Does  26

    Part II: Basic Operations  32

    Chapter 4      Powering On and Powering Off  36

    Chapter 5      Managing System Resources  48

    Chapter 6      Managing System Information  62

    Chapter 7      Managing Users  70

    Chapter 8      Managing Data  76

    Chapter 9      Managing Applications  92

    Part III: Windows Vista Graphics  100

    Chapter 10     Understanding Vista Graphics  104

    Chapter 11     The Vista Interface  112

    Chapter 12     The Vista Desktop  122

    Part IV: Digital Media  130

    Chapter 13     Windows Media Center  134

    Chapter 14     Digital Music  150

    Chapter 15     Digital Images  166

    Chapter 16     Digital Video and Movies  174

    Part V: Networking and the Internet  182

    Chapter 17     Windows Vista and the Internet  186

    Chapter 18     Windows Vista Networks  204

    Part VI: Security and Maintenance  220

    Chapter 19     Windows Vista Security Features  224

    Chapter 20     Routine Maintenance  238

    Glossary  252

    Index  266

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. About the Author and Illustrator
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
    5. Introduction
    6. What Windows Vista Is—and What It Does
      1. Understanding Windows and Other Operating Systems
        1. The History of the Windows Operating System
        2. Other Computer Operating Systems
        3. Different Versions of Windows Vista
      2. How Windows Vista Differs from Windows XP
        1. Hardware Requirements
        2. Interface Differences
        3. Operating Differences
        4. Security Differences
        5. Application Differences
      3. What Windows Vista Does
        1. How Windows Controls Your Computer
        2. How Windows Interfaces Between Your Computer Software and Hardware
    7. Basic Operations
      1. Powering On and Powering Off
        1. How Windows Powers on Your System
        2. How Windows Loads Processes and Applications at Startup
        3. How Safe Mode Works
        4. How Fast Boot and Resume Works
        5. How Windows Shuts Down Your System—or Puts It to Sleep
      2. Managing System Resources
        1. How Windows Manages the CPU
        2. How Windows Manages Memory with SuperFetch
        3. How Windows Manages Systems Devices
        4. How Windows Manages Interrupts
        5. How Windows Manages Disk Drives and Data with NTFS
        6. How Windows ReadyBoost Adds Instant Memory to Your PC
      3. Managing System Information
        1. How the Windows Registry Manages Your System’s Configuration
        2. How the Control Panel Changes Registry Settings
        3. How to Monitor System Performance
      4. Managing Users
        1. How User Accounts and User Account Control Work
        2. How Parental Controls Work
      5. Managing Data
        1. How Windows Organizes Data Files
        2. How to Navigate Your Data with Windows Explorers
        3. How Files are Copied, Moved, and Deleted
        4. How Instant Search Works
        5. How Virtual Folders Work
        6. How Compressed Folders Work
        7. How the XPS File Format Works
      6. Managing Applications
        1. How the Start Menu Works
        2. How Windows Shares Code Between Programs
        3. How Windows Multitasks Applications
    8. Windows Vista Graphics
      1. Understanding vista graphics
        1. How Windows Vista Renders Graphics
        2. How DirectX and Direct3D Work
        3. How ClearType Works
      2. The Vista Interface
        1. How Vista’s Different Interfaces Work
        2. How the Aero Interface Works
        3. How the Desktop Windows Manager Works
        4. How Windows Flip 3D Works
      3. The Vista Desktop
        1. How to Personalize the Vista Desktop
        2. How the Windows Sidebar Works
        3. How Windows SideShow Works on a Notebook PC
    9. Digital Media
      1. Windows Media Center
        1. How Windows Media Center Works
        2. How Media Center Manages Digital Music
        3. How Media Center Manages Television Programming
        4. How Media Center Works with HDTV
        5. How CableCARD Works
        6. How a Media Center PC Interfaces with Your Home Theater System
        7. How Media Center Extenders Work
      2. Digital Music
        1. How Digital Audio Works
        2. How Windows Stores Digital Music Files
        3. How Windows Media Player 11 Plays Digital Music Files
        4. How Playlists Work
        5. How Music Is Transferred from Your PC to a Portable Music Player
        6. How Digital Music Is Copied from CD to Your PC
        7. How Windows Plays CDs and DVDs with HotStart
      3. Digital Images
        1. How Different Digital Image Formats Compare
        2. How the Windows Media Photo Format Works
        3. How Windows Photo Gallery Works
      4. Digital Video and Movies
        1. How Digital Video Works
        2. How Windows Movie Maker Works
        3. How Windows DVD Maker Works
    10. Networking and the Internet
      1. Windows Vista and the Internet
        1. How Windows Connects to the Internet
        2. How Internet Explorer 7 Works
        3. How Tabbed Browsing Works
        4. How Internet Explorer Stops Pop-Ups
        5. How Internet Explorer Reads RSS Feeds
        6. How Internet Explorer Search Works
        7. How Windows Mail Works
        8. How Windows Calendar Works
      2. Windows Vista Networks
        1. How Networking Works in Windows Vista
        2. How to Set Up a Wireless Network
        3. How Network Access Protection Works
        4. How Windows Detects and Connects to a Wi-Fi Hotspot
        5. How Wireless Security Works
        6. How File Sharing Works
        7. How Windows Meeting Space Works
    11. Security and Maintenance
      1. Windows Vista Security Features
        1. How the Windows Firewall Protects Against Attacks
        2. How Windows Service Hardening Limits Damage from Attacks
        3. How Windows Defender Protects Against Spyware
        4. How Windows Protects Against Phishing Scams
        5. How Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode Isolates Malicious Code
        6. How BitLocker Drive Encryption Protects Your Data
      2. Routine Maintenance
        1. How to Clean Up Your Hard Disk
        2. How Disk Defragmentation Works
        3. How to Back Up Your Data
        4. How Windows Lets You Return to a Previous Version of a Document
        5. How System Restore Puts Your System Back in Working Condition
        6. How Windows Update Keeps Your System Up-to-Date
      3. Glossary
        2. A
        3. B
        4. C
        5. D
        6. E
        7. F
        8. G
        9. H
        10. I
        11. K
        12. L
        13. M
        14. N
        15. O
        16. P
        17. R
        18. S
        19. T
        20. U
        21. V
        22. W
        23. X

    Product information

    • Title: How Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Works
    • Author(s): Michael Miller
    • Release date: December 2006
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 0789735857