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How Mobile Devices are Changing Marketing

Video Description

The explosion of mobile technology has changed how and when consumers purchase, and has shaken the foundations of the traditional sales funnel. Businesses are scrambling to adapt. Many marketers have failed to realize that the issue is not how to reach consumers where they are, but how to understand their mindset and where they are going. Businesses have yet to fully understand the critical role that mobile devices play in the basic structure of the traditional shopping model and the new importance of linking behavior with location. With the death of the traditional sales funnel comes author and mobile expert Chuck Martin's new model--the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle. Based on in-depth research, Martin has identified the six specific moments which marketers must effectively target to reach today's mobile buyer. From location-based marketing to mobile payment systems, Martin's model gives marketers the tools necessary to build a successful new sales framework.

Table of Contents

  1. How Mobile Devices are Changing Marketing 00:59:44