How Not To Worry: The Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More

Book description

How to defeat stress, worry, and anxiety to achieve more in business and life. From the international bestselling author of Self-Confidence.

Are You A Worrier?

Do you seem to worry more than most? Do you find that insignificant things stress you out? Do you sweat the small stuff and the big stuff too? Well, now's the time to stop worrying and start living.

Worry, stress, anxiety - whichever label you prefer to use - can have consequences that impact not only our lives, but the lives of others around us. When we worry it's like the engine of our mind is constantly being revved up. It doesn't allow us time to switch off and rest. It tires you out. And when you're tired you're less likely to think straight. And when you're not thinking straight it's easy to make stupid mistakes and confuse priorities...

But relax. There is a way forward.

In How Not to Worry Paul McGee shows us that there is a way to tackle life's challenges in a calmer and more considered way. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind. With down to earth, real life advice, How Not to Worry helps us understand why worrying is such a big deal and the reasons for it, exposing the behavioural traps we fall into when faced with challenges. It then helps us to move on with tools and ideas to deal with our worries in a more constructive way.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. About Paul McGee
  7. Introduction
  8. Section One: Stop, Understand
    1. Chapter 1: The Big Deal About Worry
      1. So what do we mean by worry?
      2. So what's the impact of worrying?
      3. So does worry ever work?
    2. Chapter 2: Why Do We Worry?
      1. 1. We can enjoy worrying
      2. 2. The challenge of change and uncertainty
      3. 3. A lack of knowledge and experience
      4. 4. A lack of influence or control
      5. 5. Your values
      6. 6. Your upbringing
      7. 7. Previous experiences
      8. 8. Overexposure to bad news
      9. Do women worry more than men?
    3. Chapter 3: Are We Wired to Worry?
      1. A bit about your brain
      2. Why keeping perspective can be difficult to do
    4. Chapter 4: Ever Got Lost in Loopy Logic?
      1. Nine symptoms of suffering from loopy logic
      2. Is praying a little bit loopy?
      3. So how loopy can you be?
  9. Section Two: Move On
    1. Chapter 5: Let's Get Rational
      1. Two Great Ways to Use Your Rational Brain
    2. Chapter 6: Manage Your Imagination
      1. Why is our imagination important?
      2. Why fuss over fear?
      3. Using your imagination to work for you
      4. More ways to use your imagination
      5. Problem solving with a little help from your friends
      6. Now it's over to you
    3. Chapter 7: Show a Little Respect... to Yourself
      1. 1. Start changing your scripts
      2. 2. Avoid going it alone
      3. 3. Let go of grudges
      4. 4. Engage in exercise
      5. 5. Postpone permanently pleasing people
    4. Chapter 8: How to Make Your Environment Friendly
      1. 1. Manage your mental diet
      2. 2. Escape from escalators
      3. 3. Cut the clutter
      4. 4. Find the funny
      5. 5. Muse to the music
  10. And Finally...
  11. Further Reading
    1. Other titles from Paul McGee
    2. Some helpful organizations
    3. Bring Paul McGee to your organization
  12. Index
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  • Title: How Not To Worry: The Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857082862