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How To Add Google Authentication To A Website

Video Description

Have you ever logged in to a website for the first time by simply clicking a 'Signin with Google' button? Ever wonder how they did that? This course walks you through the process of developing an integrated Google login system for any website from scratch.

This course includes everything you'll ever need to know about creating an integrated Google Signin system, including source files to make the development process more efficient. You don't even have to write the code yourself.

A basic knowledge of web development is suggested for this course.


  • Web developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Back-end developers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:04:43
  2. Google Keys 00:02:14
  3. Create a Database 00:04:25
  4. Structure 00:03:36
  5. Composer 00:04:56
  6. Database 00:06:46
  7. Setting Up Google Authentication 00:07:59
  8. Markup 00:03:53
  9. Signing In 00:12:52
  10. Signing Out 00:05:05
  11. Storing Users 00:13:26
  12. Finishing Up 00:01:24