The confidence challenge
A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows.
John Powell, film composer
What you have discovered so far
I Truly confident people are fully aligned
from their purpose to their behaviour.
I Truly confident people have a bring-it-on approach to life.
I Confident people integrate confidence into everything they do.
I Confidence is a life style!
What you are going to discover
I How you experience each day will depend upon how you wake up,
and your commitment to using all the techniques and exercises
provided for you in this book.
I You can put all this into practice now with a simple short challenge.
Can you handle the confidence challenge?
1 We are calling it a challenge because this is the way we want
you to approach it. Something else to explore, and another
confidence win to add to all the wins you are already
2 We are encouraging you to create your own challenges, to
stretch and widen your horizons and take bigger leaps outside
your comfort zone.
3 If you have read this book and are a little overwhelmed trying to
think of which exercise to use for which situation, this challenge
will help you to be clearer about taking the next steps, building
your confidence day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute.
4 To help you do this we have suggested a workout to follow
from the moment you wake up each day, to the moment your
head hits the pillow at night.
5 If you commit to following this workout every day for two
weeks we guarantee that you will feel increasingly confident
(and this will translate into more achievements and successes in
your life).
Confidence challenge a daily routine
1 Preparation. First of all prepare your environment by placing a
confidence anchor somewhere in your bedroom where you will
see it the moment you wake up. You might like the idea of an
orange circle to remind you to step into your confidence
routine, or something with which you associate confident
feelings. The idea is for you to see this object as soon as you
awake and for it to remind you that today you are going to feel
more confident.
2 ‘Rise and shine. Before you get out of your bed look at your
confidence anchor and tell yourself, in positively stated internal
dialogue, that today you are going to feel confident, regardless
of what the world has in store for you. Now think ahead to your
day and choose one scenario where you are going to be more
confident than you have been in the past. Focus on this event.
3 Get ready to take on the day. Now, as you carry out your
morning bathroom and breakfast routine, prepare yourself for
this event by running through the following checklist. Mentally
rehearse the event using the exercise ‘To embed and gain more
clarity around your well-formed outcome (page 187 of Chapter
10) with an orange circle (this should take you about 10
(a) Check your posture. Keep your head up, stay relaxed and be
(b) Check your internal dialogue. Make sure it is positive.
(c) Be aware of any comparison you might make and stop it.
(d) No judging of anything. Just be curious to learn.

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