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How to Be in a Personal Relationship: Skills for Beginning, Strengthening, and Maintaining an Intimate Personal Relationship

Book Description

Master the fundamental skills necessary to maintain a personal relationship. There are many books out there on relationships. But this one is different. It teaches social, intellectual and emotional skills you can actually apply in your life to create a lasting and intimate relationship – whether you're married, engaged or in a committed partnership. The information and skills introduced are based on scientific principles and research – not on the authors' opinions. Together the skills form a model for how to be in a personal relationship. Each skill is introduced, explained and defined at the beginning of its section. The skills are demonstrated through short stories based on real-world examples. Concrete and specific definitions of each skill are located in boxes. Practice sessions encourage you to reflect on the material and how it relates to your life. Action strategies present short scenarios that reflect the skills you just learned. A DVD comes with the book and brings to life human behaviors that you can study and adapt to your own skills.

Note: DVD is not included in the ebook version.