CHAPTER 16 The Best Trading Tools

What tools are necessary to become an experienced and confident day trader?

What follows is a possible tool list, but your personal list will depend on your trading platform and trading style. Many brokerage firms offer trading platforms that may have most of these tools necessary for day trading, but the day trader needs to be confident in his operating trading system. It requires a careful review to ensure that all necessary functions are present. If there are missing functional windows, then a complete day trading operating platform will be necessary, and can be obtained either by requesting them from the current brokerage firm or finding a new platform provider.

Note: Cyber Trading University instructors go into great detail in explaining all the nuances of the tools necessary for day traders, along with how to use their day trading platform.

Computer Equipment

To be your best as a day trader, you need the fastest direct-market access computer system and Internet connection available, because today's markets are unsurpassed in terms of volatility. Most traders need to check with their computer service provider whether their current computer system is compatible with the software needed to be a successful and consistent day trader. If not, than a new or upgraded computer system is necessary.

Do not upgrade an old computer, but buy new hardware if your current desktop model is older than two years. Using antiquated equipment and technology ...

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