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How To Get Started with WordPress

Video Description

Often when we think of WordPress, we think of blogging—but WordPress can do so much more! In this short, easy to follow course, you’ll discover everything you need to know to get your WordPress site online, including how to effortlessly register a domain name and set up web hosting, install WordPress, and begin using it to publish your work on the web. You’ll quickly get comfortable in the WordPress environment, and see how straightforward it is to create and format content, including text, images, and video. Then, you’ll find out how to control and extend your WordPress website with themes, widgets, and plug-ins. Once you learn WordPress, the sky’s the limit! Ready to jump into it? Then let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome To WordPress!
    1. Welcome! Why Use WordPress? 00:03:49
    2. Important WordPress Concepts 00:02:27
    3. Additional Tools You'll Need 00:04:10
  2. Chapter 1: Setting Up Domain Names, Web Hosting, And Installing WordPress!
    1. Domain Name And Web Hosting Options 00:03:44
    2. Registering Your Website's Domain Name 00:03:09
    3. Setting Up Web Hosting With Web Hosting Hub 00:07:34
    4. Accessing Your Web Hosting Hub Account Management Panel 00:04:18
    5. Accessing Your Hosting Account's CPanel 00:04:35
    6. Setting Your Domain's DNS Info 00:03:39
    7. Accessing Your Site And CPanel Once Your Domain Name Resolves 00:02:00
    8. Installing WordPress On Your Host 00:04:56
    9. Logging Into Your Admin Console 00:01:20
    10. Touring The WordPress Dashboard 00:05:40
    11. Bonus Lesson: Connecting To Your Website Via FTP 00:06:01
  3. Chapter 2: Making Your Site All Your Own!
    1. Understanding WordPress Themes 00:04:04
    2. Finding Additional WordPress Themes 00:03:05
    3. Downloading And Installing A New Theme 00:04:33
    4. Activating Your New Theme 00:05:21
  4. Chapter 3: Adding Content To Your WordPress Site!
    1. Publishing Your First Post 00:05:38
    2. Formatting Text In Your Posts 00:05:04
    3. Creating Bulleted And Numbered Lists 00:04:14
    4. Creating Additional Posts 00:06:35
    5. Post Publishing Options 00:04:15
    6. Inserting A 00:03:24
    7. Bonus Lesson: Organizing Your Posts Into Categories 00:07:34
    8. Inserting Graphics Into Posts 00:04:49
    9. Formatting Post Graphics 00:06:35
    10. Additional Graphic Options 00:08:37
    11. Getting Started Setting Hyperlinks 00:05:46
    12. Setting Internal And Email Links 00:04:38
    13. Embedding A YouTube Video 00:04:36
    14. Introducing WordPress Pages 00:06:45
  5. Chapter 4: Controlling And Expanding Your Site!
    1. BonPress Theme Options (And A Closer Look At The Media Library) 00:05:56
    2. Your Site's General Settings 00:02:18
    3. A Look At Your Site's Reading Settings 00:03:17
    4. A Closer Look At Sidebar Widgets 00:05:02
    5. Introducing WordPress Plugins 00:07:11
    6. Must-Have Plug-Ins For Every WordPress Site 00:03:40
  6. Chapter 5: Bonus Lessons!
    1. Installing Plug-Ins (And Automatically Backing Up Your Site) 00:05:10
    2. Adding Social Media To Your Site 00:07:42
    3. Adding An RSS Feed To Your Site 00:07:58
    4. Setting Up An Email Address For Your Site 00:04:24
  7. Chapter 6: Wrapping Up
    1. Where To Go From Here 00:03:55