How to get that job, 4th Edition

Book description

The ultimate all-in-one guide to job hunting success.


Getting an edge in the hunt for work is vital and this book offers the edge that millions are missing. This no-nonsense, highly practical and outcome focussed guide to the whole process of job hunting takes you right from the planning stages through writing your CV, flying through aptitude tests, being interviewed on the phone and online, to what to do and say when you finally get the offer you’ve been hoping for. With essential guidance on maximising modern job-hunting tools such as social media and networking websites, as well as special help for those who are new to work, the recently redundant, the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and graduates, it’s one of the most up to date and all-encompassing job hunting books on the market today.

Table of contents

  1. Table of contents
  2. Cover
  3. Title page
  4. Epigraph
  5. About the author
  6. Introduction to the fourth edition
  7. 1 How to find your new job
    1. Reactive and proactive job hunting
    2. Proactive job hunting
    3. How to use the internet in your job hunt
    4. How to find a job through Jobcentre Plus
    5. How to find a job through recruitment agencies
    6. How to find a job through job fairs
    7. How to set goals and organise your job hunt
    8. How to organise yourself and manage your time
  8. 2 How to make the most of your network
    1. Who should I contact?
    2. Now I’ve got my network, what next?
    3. How to use the telephone for network development
    4. Keep working at it
    5. How to build your network using social media and other sites
    6. How to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others
  9. 3 How to use e-mails and letters of application
    1. E-mail tips
    2. Letter-writing tips
  10. 4 How to write your CV
    1. ASK – the key to a job-winning CV
    2. Attitude audit
    3. Skills audit
    4. Knowledge audit
    5. Keeping your skills and knowledge up to date
    6. How to write your CV
    7. Examples of CVs/résumés
    8. Which CV is right for me?
  11. 5 How to complete application forms and on-line applications
    1. How to complete application forms
    2. How to prepare written applications
    3. On-line applications: test drive the testing!
  12. 6 How to sell yourself
    1. How to identify benefits
  13. 7 How to do your homework on the organisation and the job
    1. How to do your homework on the organisation
    2. How to do your homework on the job
  14. 8 How to be a better listener
    1. Stages in a networking interview
    2. How to improve your listening skills
    3. Attitude
    4. Increase your odds to 2:1
  15. 9 How to win in the interview
    1. How to prepare for the interview day
    2. How to conduct yourself in the interview
    3. How to prepare for their questions: ‘Tell me about yourself’ … and others
    4. How to answer competency-based interview questions
    5. How to handle illegal interview questions: discrimination
    6. How to prepare and ask your own questions
    7. How to close the interview
    8. After the interview
    9. Emerging technologies – interviews in the future (and now!)
  16. 10 How to create a positive image
    1. How to avoid committing ‘candidate catastrophes’
    2. How to make a positive impact: body language and dress
    3. How to read the interviewer’s body language
    4. Last impressions
  17. 11 How to give a great presentation
    1. Prepare the content
    2. Plan your resources
    3. Practise
    4. Answering questions
    5. Preparation and presentation
    6. What are the assessors looking for?
  18. 12 How to succeed in assessment centres
    1. What will happen?
    2. Assessment centre exercises
    3. Make the most of your opportunity
  19. 13 How to win in recruitment tests and evaluations
    1. Personality questionnaires
    2. Skill and aptitude tests
    3. ‘Team type’ questionnaires
    4. Drug and alcohol testing
    5. Graphology (handwriting analysis)
    6. Use and interpretation of tests
    7. Preparing for testing
    8. Feedback
  20. 14 What if you didn’t get the job you want?
    1. Can you turn the situation to your advantage?
  21. 15 What if you DID get offered the job you want?
    1. Negotiating the best package
    2. Departing diplomatically from your current job
    3. Starting your new job: the new kid on the block
  22. Thank you
    1. Share these lessons with others
  23. Appendix 1: Sources of help for job hunters
    1. Legal and general advice
    2. Rehabilitation of offenders
    3. Disability
    4. Recruitment websites
    5. National newspapers
    6. Professional journals/newspapers
    7. Training providers and advice: learning and skills development
    8. Researching companies
    9. Career and life planning
    10. Skills and aptitude tests
    11. Salary checker
  24. Appendix 2
  25. Index
  26. Imprint

Product information

  • Title: How to get that job, 4th Edition
  • Author(s): Malcolm Hornby
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson International
  • ISBN: 9780273772156