Dr. Ernie Tompkins—Tompkins Consulting, Winston Salem, NC

Valerie K. Phillips—Executive Assistant to Nancy J. Friedman, St. Louis, MO

Nancie O’Neille—Pinnacle Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV

Tom Hopkins—Tom Hopkins International, Scottsdale, AZ

Jack Falvey—, Londonderry, NH

Charles Graves—Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, Farmington Hills, MI

Charlie Wallace—Executive Director, Quality Service Contractors (QSC), Falls Church, VA

Kelly Luvison—Executive Vice President, GateHouse Media, Inc., Fairport, NY

Mary Anne Brooks—FAB50 Marketing/Basic Business Solutions, St. Louis, MO

My children—David Friedman and Linda Steinberg

My husband—Dick Friedman

All my friends at Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

All ...

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