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How to Light Beer: A Photographer’s Guide to Working with Cans, Bottles, and Pours

Book Description

In How to Light Beer, photographers Joe Lavine and Brad Bartholomew teach you how to light and photograph your favorite beers and create compelling shots every time. In this ebook for intermediate or advanced shooters you will learn about classic brews, focusing on differences in color, opacity, head, and bubble composition, and what they mean for your images. The authors will also explore lighting scenarios, styling the beer, and post-production techniques to enhance your final images.

Follow along with Joe and Brad, and you will:

  • Learn how to use a variety of lighting and post-production techniques to enhance your images

  • Style your beer using different pouring techniques, glassware, cans, bottles, and backgrounds

  • Develop specific game plans tailored to each beer, whether you’re photographing a lager in a glass or pouring a stout from a can