Chapter 1

All About Etsy

Etsy's mission is to enable everyone to make a living, making the things they love, and to connect makers with buyers from around the world. Founded in 2005, Etsy is a worldwide handmade community that spans over 150 countries. To me, as a seller, Etsy is a life changer, and as a buyer, I know when I make an Etsy purchase, I'm helping artists like myself.

Is Etsy the right online marketplace for you? Take a look at what some Etsy sellers and buyers are saying about Etsy and decide for yourself.

Etsy has given me courage as a seller to try new things! It was a new way for me to be able to do what I love. Easy to get started and maintain a shop. My creativity has come alive! As a buyer, I love it because I can make personal contact with those who actually MAKE what I purchase. That connection is very gratifying to me as a customer.

Etsy is an ENABLER!! They enabled me to be a successful at-home Mom!

I love Etsy! First thing I love is the simplicity of the design. I dislike clutter of ads all over, so Etsy does this well. I found all the things one needs to do to set up a shop super easy, and signed up for the weekly e-mails on what is new. I stay abreast in the forums, the Storque (Etsy's blog). I do tons of treasuries. That is where we get to pick twelve products from Etsy artists. One can even be our own now. Then it goes public for all to see. Just a fun thing, but it gets more views for those who see them. I also tweet my treasury to help out the artists ...

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