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How To Program Your Own Breakout Game using Visual C#

Video Description

Hone Your C# Skills by Building a Breakout Game Clone Using Winforms and Visual Studio

About This Video

  • Complete Breakout Project in C# on Windows
  • Understand how to write efficient C# code
  • Learn how Windows applications work
  • Full source code of the project we will build
  • All game assets used in the game are included for free

In Detail

Learn how to quickly build a breakout game clone on windows using VISUAL C# and WinForms. If you want to learn and experience what it takes to build a game on Windows using Visual C# and Winforms then I hope you will find this course as exciting as it is informational.WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO LEARN:The techniques you need to build a complete Breakout game clone with Visual C# on WindowsUnderstand how to use WinForms and how to create desktop applications using C#How to draw graphics inside WinformsHow to use timers to mimic game loopsHow to play soundsHow to embed images and sounds as resources inside your applicationHow to handle mouse and keyboard eventsHow to load images and display images using WinForms