How to Raise All the Money You Need for Any Business: 101 Quick Ways To Acquire Money For Any Business Project in 30 Days Or Less

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The biggest challenge faced by both Beginning and Experienced Wealth Builders is raising the money they need to start, buy, or expand their business activities. This guidebook shows these entrepreneurs how, and where, to get the money needed for their business moneymaking enterprises. Even if the Beginning Wealth Builder (BWB for short) or Experienced Wealth Builder (EWB), has poor credit, a history of bankruptcy, slow pays, or other financial troubles, this guidebook shows him/her how to get the loan, venture capital, public (or private) money, or grant they need.

Since businesses vary widely in the amount of money needed, this book covers getting funding from just a few thousand dollars to multi-millions. Businesses covered range from the small mom-and-pop type activity to the successful firm having up to 500 employees. Either type of business can use the many hands-on directions given in this book.

Table of contents

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  3. 1. Powerful Business Financing Methods for Your Success
    1. 1.1. Smart Borrowing Techniques for Any Business
    2. 1.2. Find Lenders Having Borrower-Sympathetic Terms
    3. 1.3. Become a Loan Expert to Get Your Business Loans
      1. 1.3.1. Become a Loan Originator
      2. 1.3.2. Become a Loan Finder
      3. 1.3.3. Become a Financial Broker
    4. 1.4. Get an SBA Guarantee for Your Business Loan
    5. 1.5. Crack the Secret of Good Business Loans for Yourself
    6. 1.6. To Get Needed Business Money, Go for a Specific Loan
    7. 1.7. Why 100 Percent Financing Is Good for You
    8. 1.8. Get Business Loans Using Your Credit Cards
    9. 1.9. Use Rented or Borrowed Collateral for Business Loans
    10. 1.10. Easier Business Financing for You
    11. 1.11. Use Special Offers to Get Your Business Financing
    12. 1.12. Go International for Your Business Loans
    13. 1.13. Use Personal Loans to Fund Your Business
    14. 1.14. Discover the Millions Available from Private Lenders
    15. 1.15. Get the Loans You Need Using Specialty Finance
    16. 1.16. Jump into Today's New Money Competition
    17. 1.17. Obtain Your Business Loans from Local Sources
  4. 2. Unique Ways to Get Business Money You Need
    1. 2.1. Five Ways to Raise No-Repay Money
    2. 2.2. Get Angels to Supply Your Business Money Needs
    3. 2.3. Use the 125 Percent Loan to Fund Your Business Deals
    4. 2.4. Try Unique Loan Sources to Raise Cash
    5. 2.5. Work with Franchise Lenders to Get Money You Need
    6. 2.6. Use Special Lender Offers to Get Your Loan
    7. 2.7. Seven Ways to Get Financing on the Internet Today
    8. 2.8. Get Mentoring If You're New to Internet Loans
    9. 2.9. Tap into New Sources for Your Business Loans
    10. 2.10. Ten Quick Financing Ideas for Raising Money for Your Business
    11. 2.11. Get More Business Loans Using Willing Lenders
    12. 2.12. Ten Ways to Turn Paper into Cash
    13. 2.13. Get Loans from "Project—Important" Lenders
    14. 2.14. Try a Working Capital Loan to Keep Cash on Hand
    15. 2.15. Use a Loan Application Checklist for Better Loan Results
    16. 2.16. Get Your Business Financed on Zero Cash with a Subject-To Deal
    17. 2.17. Always Borrow from Your Greatest Strength
    18. 2.18. Save Your Time with Internet Financing Techniques
    19. 2.19. Six Ways to Get Your Business Loan with Less-than-Perfect Credit
    20. 2.20. See Your Local Minority-and Women-Owned Banks for Loans
  5. 3. Successful Venture Capital Funding for Your Business
    1. 3.1. Requirements You Must Meet to Get Venture Capital
    2. 3.2. What Venture Capital Can Do for Your Business
    3. 3.3. Look for Venture Capitalists for Your Special Business
    4. 3.4. Get Your Venture Capital the Easy Way
    5. 3.5. Getting from Your Executive Summary to the Cash
    6. 3.6. Sure Turndowns You Must Avoid
    7. 3.7. What to Do If Your Business Plan Is Turned Down
    8. 3.8. Get Your Business Money through a Venture Capital Club
    9. 3.9. Seek Incubator Help for Your Seed Capital
    10. 3.10. Get Additional Funding As Your Business Grows
    11. 3.11. Finding Later-Stage Venture Capital
    12. 3.12. Your Opportunities to Get Venture Capital Are the Best Ever
    13. 3.13. Venture Capital Resources for You
  6. 4. How to Get Grants for Your Business
    1. 4.1. Know What a Grant Is
    2. 4.2. Brush Up on the Many Types of Grants Available
    3. 4.3. Know the Benefits of Grants to Your Business
    4. 4.4. What Type of Grant Should You Seek?
    5. 4.5. Where Can I Find Grantors?
    6. 4.6. How Do I Apply for My Business Grant?
      1. 4.6.1. Decide What Type of Grant You Will Apply For
      2. 4.6.2. Target Your Potential Grantors
      3. 4.6.3. To Get Foundation Grants, Obtain Your Tax-Exempt Status
      4. 4.6.4. Prepare Your Grant Proposal Summary
      5. 4.6.5. Finish Your Grant Proposal Sections
  7. 5. Raising Money for Your Business by Going Public
    1. 5.1. Four Easy Ways to Go Public
    2. 5.2. Uniform Limited Offering Registration
      1. 5.2.1. Using the ULOR Offering for Financing Your Business
    3. 5.3. Using the Regulation A Offering Circular
    4. 5.4. Your Challenges When Going Public
    5. 5.5. Do-It-Yourself Public Offering
    6. 5.6. Try a Roll-Up Offer to Raise the Money You Need
    7. 5.7. Use a Limited Partnership to Raise Public Money
    8. 5.8. Use a Shell Merger to Go Public
  8. 6. Real Estate Financing Made Easy for You
    1. 6.1. Why Real Estate Loans Are Good for You
    2. 6.2. Is 100 Percent Financing Alive and Well?
    3. 6.3. Income Real Estate Down Payment Tactics
    4. 6.4. Zero-Down Real Estate Methods for You
    5. 6.5. How to Get Any Real Estate Loan You Need
    6. 6.6. An Easy Way for You to Get Your Income Real Estate Loan
    7. 6.7. Use Hard-Hat Money for Your Real Estate Project
    8. 6.8. How to Overcome the Down Payment Blues
    9. 6.9. Real Estate Down Payment Strategies That Work
    10. 6.10. Ways to Get 100 Percent Commercial Financing Today
    11. 6.11. Money for the Asking for Income Real Estate
    12. 6.12. Borrow from a Lender Who Knows the Property
    13. 6.13. Get a Down Payment Grant for Income Real Estate
    14. 6.14. Acquire Income Real Estate for Less Than $100 in Financing
  9. 7. Proven Ways to Get Asset - Based Funding You Need
    1. 7.1. A Simple Way to Get Financing of Zero-Down Assets
    2. 7.2. Use Options to Control Assets Until You Sell Them
      1. 7.2.1. Write a Protective Option
      2. 7.2.2. Examples of Real-Life Options
      3. 7.2.3. Real-Life Option in Action
    3. 7.3. Mortgage Out and Get Paid for Financing an Asset
    4. 7.4. Use Debt Assumption for Your Financing
    5. 7.5. Get Business Asset-Based Loans in Just Hours
    6. 7.6. Make Cash-Flow Notes Your Source of Funding
    7. 7.7. Turn Paper into Cash for Your Funding
    8. 7.8. Use an SBA Loan to Get Your Funding
    9. 7.9. Raise Money for Business or Real Estate on Little Cash
    10. 7.10. Find Bridge Loans and Grow Rich
    11. 7.11. Use an Equity Club for Easier Asset-Based Financing
    12. 7.12. To Pay Lower Interest, Try a LIBOR-Based Loan
    13. 7.13. Put a Compensating Balance to Work for Your Loan
    14. 7.14. Use a Balloon Loan to Earn More from Your Asset
  10. 8. Putting It All Together to Get the Money You Need
    1. 8.1. Know the Money Sources You Can Use
    2. 8.2. Schedule Your Money-Getting Activities
    3. 8.3. Don't Be Fooled by Phony Loan Guarantees
    4. 8.4. Get Financing from Lenders That Want You
    5. 8.5. For Financing Success, Get a Loan Commitment
    6. 8.6. Get Your Loan Faster with a Courtesy Deposit
    7. 8.7. Use Seller Financing If You Can—It Will Help You
    8. 8.8. Apply Success Formulas to Get Good Financing
    9. 8.9. Obtain Your Business Money from an SBIC
    10. 8.10. To Get Your Loan Faster, Listen to the Lender
    11. 8.11. Prosper on Lender Balance-Sheet Needs
    12. 8.12. For Loan Success, Use an 80/20 Product
    13. 8.13. Get Cash Advance Money for Your Business Needs
    14. 8.14. Use a Revolving Line of Credit for Your Money Needs
    15. 8.15. How to Borrow for Business with Bad or No Credit
    16. 8.16. Use an Interest-Only Mortgage
    17. 8.17. Don't Bash Long Money Searches
    18. 8.18. Know the Types of Loans Available to You from Private Lenders
    19. 8.19. When Are Grants Better for You than Venture Capital?
    20. 8.20. Zero-Cash Methods for Building Your Wealth
    21. 8.21. How to Do a Business Plan Quickly, without Pain
    22. 8.22. To Reach the Author
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