How to Recognize & Reward Employees: 150 Ways to Inspire Peak Performance, Second Edition

Book Description

Recognising and rewarding employees is a true business imperative no manager can afford to ignore

Now in a revised second edition, How to Recognise & Reward Employees gives managers all the helpful tools and information they need to get the most from their people. The book reveals the best ways to improve employee morale, productivity and quality of work, select the right reward for the achievement and inspire both high and low performers. It is an essential reference for every organisation.

Key features

  • This edition is updated and expanded, featuring all new examples and even more exciting ways to reward and recognise employees

  • Includes exercises, case studies, self-tests, lists, and worksheets to help readers implement simple and effective rewards programs

  • Contains information on both formal rewards systems and more informal types of recognition, as well as team rewards, options for shoe-string budgets, ways to emphasise corporate values, and more

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. One. Three Reasons to Recognize and Reward Employees
    1. 1. Grow Your Revenue and Profits
      1. The Role of Managers in Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
      2. Scoring
    2. 2. Retain Your Best Employees and Recruit Top New Talent
      1. A Fair Day’s Work for a Fair Day’s . . . What?
      2. Three Equity Equations
      3. Stand Out from the Crowd
      4. Ways to be Special on a Shoestring
      5. But What About Money?
      6. Note
    3. 3. Inspire Peak Performance
      1. Can You Motivate Another Person?
      2. Is Money a Motivator?
      3. If Not Money, Then What?
      4. Motivating Top Performers
      5. Motivating Poor Performers
      6. Motivating Everybody Else
      7. Note
  5. Two. Ten Guidelines for Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
    1. 1. Determine Your Goals and Get Employee Input
      1. Employee Input
    2. 2. Specify Reward Criteria
      1. Handling Charges of Favoritism or Luck
      2. Setting Goals
      3. Tracking Progress
      4. Deciding About Contests
      5. Avoiding the Creation of Losers
      6. Using Hybrid Reward Programs
      7. Handing Out On-The-Spot Rewards
    3. 3. Align Values and Rewards
      1. Results of Reward Dissonance
      2. Assess Your Own Practices
      3. Support the Values of the Organization
      4. Values and Behaviors
      5. But do they know What the Reward is for?
      6. Creating Role Models
    4. 4. Recognize Behaviors as Well as Outcomes
      1. Motivating Non-Superstars
    5. 5. Spin the Golden Rule
      1. What is Wrong with these Pictures?
      2. One Person’s Fish may be Another’s Poison
      3. What’s a Manager to do?
      4. One Company’s Approach
    6. 6. Say “Thank You” Frequently
      1. Why it is Hard to say Thank You
      2. Small Words, Big Impact
      3. Bosses and Peers Need it, Too
    7. 7. Nurture Self-Esteem
      1. Cycle of Defeat
      2. Giving Positive Feedback
      3. Gaining the Esteem of Others
    8. 8. Foster Intrinsic Rewards
      1. What can a Manager do?
      2. Unleashing Intrinsic Rewards Through Empowerment
      3. Enriching a Job to Increase Intrinsic Motivation
    9. 9. Reward the Whole Team
      1. Creating Nonmonetary Rewards for Teams
      2. But is it Fair?
      3. Rewarding Cross-Functional Teams and their Members
      4. Summing Up
    10. 10. Give Them a Life
      1. Life at Work
  6. Three. 150 Ways to Recognize and Reward Employees
    1. The 150 Ways
  7. Review
  8. About the Author

Product Information

  • Title: How to Recognize & Reward Employees: 150 Ways to Inspire Peak Performance, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Donna Deeprose
  • Release date: August 2006
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814473313