I would like to acknowledge the following people:

Bill “Scooter” Leathwood who introduced me to the training profession and whose actions inspired me to become a trainer.

Robert C. Camp, author of Benchmarking, for showing me that a project of this nature can be done.

Mary Ellen Silk for her careful maneuvering around my “fragile writer's ego” and providing the editing assistance I so badly needed.

Decades of Wiley editors who have each had a piece of this book, my most recent being Liz Gildea. I'm beyond grateful for your continuing guidance, support, and belief in this book.

Emmett Reagan and Larry Domonkos for graciously filling the roles of mentor and role model, showing me what it is to be a Xerox trainer.

Xerox Corporation for putting their faith and trust in me as a trainer, allowing me to touch so many wonderful trainees inside and outside the company.

And you, the reader. It isn't often a book survives over 25 years on the bookshelf. I'll keep trying to get better, if you keep coming back for more.

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