How to Sell Yourself

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“Arch has taught the art of effective communication to powerful leaders in government and industry. He’s one of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard. He’s bright, witty, engaging, and entertaining. Nobody does it better.”

- Charles Osgood, CBS News

“I learned more in the two or three hours [with Arch] than I 15 years.”

- Richard A. Gephardt, former congressman

“You can learn a lot from Arch Lustberg.”

- Mills Lane, retired district judge and TV host

How many people do you know have a knack for connecting with others? Very few of us are born with it. The rest of us have to learn it.

How to Sell Yourself explains in clear, simple, easy-to-understand terms the skills you need to get your message across in any speaking situation. The secret of winning communication is likability. Some people call it warmth. Some call it charm. Some call it charisma. But whatever name you give it, it can be learned. This book is about how to use your mind, your face, your body, and your voice to win, because, in the end, likability wins.

Arch Lustberg, acclaimed public speaker, teacher, and coach, has filled this book with practical skills. He demonstrates how you can sell yourself, your ideas, and your organization. The elected officials he coaches learn that you can’t sell your issues unless the voters like you. The Merrill Lynch financial consultants he trains learn that no one buys your product unless they like you. The National District Attorneys Association members he addresses learn that attorneys have a better chance of winning in court if they and their witnesses are liked by the jury.

How to Sell Yourself is the last “how-to” you’ll need to win over a boss, jury, voter, legislator, friend, colleague, family member, or any group to which you’re talking.

Arch Lustberg is one of America’s leading performance coaches. Lustberg’s client list is a Who’s Who of business leaders, elected officials, association executives, and top professionals in every field. He taught speech and drama at The Catholic University of America for 10 years, and produced both a Grammy Award-winning record and a Tony-nominated Broadway musical.

Prior to founding Arch Lustberg Communications, he directed the United States Chamber of Commerce Communicator Workshops. His specialties include coaching for media interviews; delivering presentations; testifying in court or legislative and regulatory hearings; campaigning for office, a job or a promotion; and anything that involves memorably delivering your message.

Table of contents

  1. Praise
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. CHAPTER 1 - Selling Yourself
    1. Fear
    2. Get Real
    3. Relax
    4. Be Yourself
    5. Why the 2000 Election Was a Draw
    6. The Private Versus the Public Image
    7. The Right Versus the Wrong Direction
    8. The Power of Perception
    9. Communicating Competence and Likability
    10. How the Public Views You
    11. Aim for the Undecided
  9. CHAPTER 2 - Selling Your Competence
    1. Your Competence
    2. What Can You Do?
    3. The Audible Pause
    4. Eye Contact
    5. Preparation
  10. CHAPTER 3 - Selling Your Likability
    1. The Goal
    2. A Few Corollaries Already Suggested
    3. Keys to Likability
    4. It Works
  11. CHAPTER 4 - Selling Your Confidence
    1. Care About the Audience
    2. Make Nervousness Your Ally
    3. Confidence Can Be Learned
    4. How to Gain Confidence
    5. Don’t Let Stress Destroy Your Control
    6. It Works!
  12. CHAPTER 5 - Selling With the Right Signals
    1. Send the Right Signals
    2. Everything About You Sends a Signal
    3. Sending Good Signals
    4. Don’t Make It Hard for Yourself
  13. CHAPTER 6 - Selling Yourself as a Speaker
    1. The Logistics
    2. Preparing and Delivering Your Words
    3. Speaking Situations Encountered Throughout Your Career
    4. Some Final Reminders
  14. CHAPTER 7 - Selling Yourself in Confrontation and Media Interviews
    1. The “Me” Syndrome
    2. Accusations and Confrontation
    3. How People Respond to You
    4. How Do You Do All This?
    5. Simple, Brief, Clear, Concise, and Easy-to-Understand
    6. More About Media Interviews
    7. Winning Interviews
    8. Interview Traps
  15. CHAPTER 8 - Selling Yourself in the Classroom
    1. The Teacher as Administrator
    2. The Teacher as Communicator
    3. Fresh Material
    4. Enthusiasm and Knowledge
    5. Teachers as Communicators
    6. It Works!
  16. CHAPTER 9 - Selling Your Product
    1. Selling Your Product by Selling Yourself
    2. The Need to Communicate
    3. Selling as Communication
  17. CHAPTER 10 - Selling Yourself in the Job Interview
    1. Desperation Can Kill the Deal
    2. Wrong Impressions
    3. Reaffirm Your Confidence
    4. An Expert’s Advice
    5. Primary Interview Objectives
    6. The Way the Game Is Played
    7. Ask for Help and Guidance
    8. Performing Effectively
    9. A Final Piece of Advice
    10. It Works!
  18. CHAPTER 11 - Selling Yourself When Testifying
    1. The Deposition
    2. The Courtroom Trial
    3. Congressional Testimony
    4. The Local Hearing
    5. It Works!
  19. CHAPTER 12 - Selling Yourself in Meetings
    1. Make Your Meeting a Success
    2. The Meeting as Communication
    3. You Make the Difference
    4. If You’re the Leader, Lead
    5. The Site
    6. Make Introductions Count
    7. Continuity
    8. 12-Step Guide to Make Your Next Meeting a Success
  20. CHAPTER 13 - Selling Yourself in Negotiations
    1. We All Want to Win
    2. Beware of Stress
    3. Golden Rules of Negotiating
    4. A Positive Beginning
    5. Negotiation as Communication
  21. CHAPTER 14 - Selling Your Leadership
  22. CHAPTER 15 - The Luck Factor
    1. Likability Wins the Job
    2. Likability Wins the Promotion
    3. Likability Wins the Sale
    4. Likability Wins the Election
    5. Likability Wins the Acquittal
  23. CHAPTER 16 - The “Selling Yourself” Handbook
    1. Throw Out Anything I’ve Suggested That Isn’t Comfortable for You
    2. Talk, Chat, Converse, and Communicate
    3. Work at Getting Your Ideas Across
    4. Be Yourself
    5. Open Your Face
    6. Smile When Appropriate and Genuine
    7. Gesture When It’s Comfortable and Appropriate
    8. Be Open, Giving, Warm, Friendly, and Loving
    9. Speak in a Quiet, Conversational Voice
    10. Pause
    11. Think Silently
    12. Stay Calm and Reasonable
    13. Be Positive
    14. Talk With Pride
    15. Be Ready for the Worst Possible Scenario
    16. Be Honest
    17. Admit “I Don’t Know”
    18. Admit “I Don’t Understand Your Question”
    19. Remember Your Audience at All Times
    20. Keep Eye Contact
    21. Concentrate on What You Know
    22. You’re the Expert
    23. Have Confidence in Your Preparation, Your Style, and Your Speaking Skills
    24. Organize Your Material
    25. Practice Aloud
    26. Use Your Text Properly
    27. Use Simple Language
    28. Use Short Sentences
    29. Be Concise
    30. Be Clear
    31. Edit Yourself
    32. Express Yourself
    33. Practice the Rhythm of Eye Contact
    34. Communicate Ideas
    35. Be Attentive to Your Audience’s Signals
    36. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing
    37. Look and Sound Pleasant and Interesting
    38. Send Positive, Loving Signals
    39. Be Likable
  24. Appendix
  25. About the Author

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  • Title: How to Sell Yourself
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2008
  • Publisher(s): Career Press
  • ISBN: 9781564149985