A reading list

These are just a few of the books I’ve read and more specifically picked up and read again while writing this book. What’s daunting is how many good minds there are out there. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for making my research so much fun. Don’t stop thinking good thoughts.

Allan, Dave, Kingdon, Matt, Murrin, Kris and Rudkin, Daz

?WhatIf! How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work Capstone (19 April 2002)

More of a sales brochure for their business than anything else but, nonetheless, some interesting and stimulating ideas.

Bourdain, Anthony

Les Halles Cookbook: Classic Bistro Cooking Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (4 September 2006)

I thought I’d bought a cookbook and found I was getting a brilliant education in how to run a creative ...

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