How to Stand Out: Proven Tactics for Getting Noticed

Book Description

Win the respect you deserve

You probably already have the skills to be more fulfilled and successful. But sometimes it's about showcasing these skills so that colleagues, customers, friends and the rest of the world can recognize what you do.

Drawing on extensive research and inspiring real-life examples, psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Rob Yeung guides you through proven techniques that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

How to Stand Out shows you how to:

  • Utilize winning body language techniques

  • Incorporate the words that get people nodding in agreement

  • Supercharge your persuasive skills to sell products, pitch ideas, network, and socialize with friends

  • Boost your motivation to become more successful

  • Improve your confidence to get the results you desire

  • Praise for the Book

    "We all need to sell ourselves and this book is a great, very readable guide on how to do that. This book is full of useful career advice - and brought to life by fascinating examples and often surprising insights." Rhymer Rigby, writer for The Telegraph and Financial Times and author of 28 Business Thinkers Who Changed the World

    "How to Stand Out covers the latest evidence on body language, communication and persuasion. It's a rigorously researched, compelling and sometimes surprising read no matter what your goals in life. You will undoubtedly learn something new." Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO of Hogan Assessments, and Professor of Business Psychology at University College London and Columbia University

    "Engaging, no-nonsense and full of scientifically proven advice - an essential book for anyone wanting to outshine the crowd and get ahead in business and life."Dr. Michael Sinclair, co-author of Mindfulness for Busy People, Founder & Clinical Director, City Psychology Group

    "An easy read with some well researched, practical and evidence backed advice. Definitely stands out from the crowd and can easily be applied straight away." Paul Hughes, Executive Development Director at Cranfield School of Management

    "An extraordinary book for everybody: Dr Yeung's book presents a wealth of useful tips on how to build your confidence and stand out from the crowd. This book is a treasure trove of useful tips on how to outperform in a job interview, get promoted, win more customers, get your business funded or simply become more successful in life." Professor Khalid Hafeez, Dean of The Claude Littner Business School at the University of West London

    "Practical, accessible tips and techniques for making yourself more interesting to clients, customers, and friends!" Tamara Box, Partner and Global Chair of the Financial Industry Group at international law firm Reed Smith LLP

    "Once again, Rob Yeung demonstrates how challenge can quickly become opportunity. He has the uncanny knack of identifying our insecurities, helping us view them from a different angle and transforming them into foundation stones for building new confidence. Whether you want to learn to 'talk like TED', present your best side at a job interview, or simply want to stand out from the crowd - this new book offers simple, clear and practical guidance. Like his previous books, this is another example of why Dr Rob Yeung stands out from other psychologists and coaches." Malcolm Green, Creative Chairman at advertising agency Green Cave People

    Table of Contents

    1. About the Author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Introduction
      1. The science of standing out
      2. Finding techniques that work
      3. Navigating through this book
    4. 1: Boosting Self-belief and Debunking the Confidence Con
      1. Being both successful and scared
      2. Understanding the confidence con
      3. Performing mind over matter
      4. Dispelling illusions
      5. Powering through job interviews
      6. Nurturing deep-rooted confidence
      7. Mixing and matching to find what works best for you
      8. Onwards and upwards
      9. Notes
    5. 2: Persuading through Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
      1. Understanding your nonverbal style
      2. Understanding the power of what’s not said
      3. Understanding the three nonverbal communication tactics
      4. Painting on the canvas of the human face
      5. Becoming pitch perfect
      6. Choosing the right speaking velocity
      7. Indicating intent through gestures and animation
      8. Delving deeper into gestures
      9. Combining nonverbal cues
      10. Matching your message
      11. Building your nonverbal repertoire
      12. Interpreting individual facial cues
      13. Onwards and upwards
      14. Notes
    6. 3: Winning with Words
      1. Starting with your audience
      2. Tapping into the persuasive power of emotion
      3. Trading on terror
      4. Inspiring through high expectations
      5. Using metaphor, simile and analogy
      6. Invoking moral arguments
      7. Telling tales
      8. Sharing your autobiographical adventures
      9. Using contrasts and lists
      10. Asking questions
      11. Extending your repertoire of winning words
      12. Onwards and upwards
      13. Notes
    7. 4: Augmenting Performance through Passion
      1. Exploring the link between ardour and attainment
      2. Choosing how we make sense of the world
      3. Linking passion to performance
      4. Moving from job design to job crafting
      5. Analysing your efforts at job crafting
      6. Delving into your relationship with your work
      7. Crafting the perfect career
      8. Putting job crafting into practice
      9. Creating the i-deal job
      10. Onwards and upwards
      11. Notes
    8. Conclusions: Onwards, Upwards and Over to You
      1. Making the time to learn
      2. Three final thoughts
      3. Onwards and upwards
    9. Index
    10. Advert
    11. EULA

    Product Information

    • Title: How to Stand Out: Proven Tactics for Getting Noticed
    • Author(s): Rob Yeung
    • Release date: October 2015
    • Publisher(s): Capstone
    • ISBN: 9780857084255