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How to Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race

Book Description


If you're not winning, you're losing. And you don't want to be a loser, do you?

Life is full of opportunities to win or lose on a daily basis. Want to win arguments, negotiate better and get your way in more discussions? Want to pitch ideas that win support and plaudits? Want to get yourself noticed and come out on top in the job market?

Discover how to triumph when it really counts. How can you gain the competitive advantage and come first more often? Learn how to avoid that frustration of not succeeding - when your point isn't heard in an argument, or your hard fought pitch is rejected - and to achieve the results you know you deserve.


Drawing on the latest research and proven psychological principles, bestselling author and psychologist Dr Rob Yeung outlines practical success strategies and powerful scenarios that you can apply to all facets of your life.

This is your strategy book for success at work and in life.

Get the breaks, beat the others and take your life to a whole new level.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Endorsements
  3. Title page
  4. Copyright page
  5. Dedication
  6. About the Author
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Introduction
    1. The appliance of science
    2. The science of winning
    3. Navigating through this book
  9. 1: Developing a Winning Outlook
    1. It's all in the mind
    2. Gifts versus growth
    3. Here's the science bit
    4. Your mind-set
    5. Everything changes
    6. The potential to grow in whatever we do
    7. Growing your confidence and capabilities
    8. Slipping back into gifts-oriented thinking
    9. Keeping up with the world
    10. Onwards and upwards
  10. 2: Winning the Argument
    1. Winning arguments without arguing
    2. What's your style of arguing?
    3. Understanding what your interpersonal style says about you
    4. Developing your influencing style
    5. Improving your influence: Understanding what it means to be assertive
    6. Improving your influence: Taking the time to prepare
    7. Improving your influence: Applying the DEAR formula
    8. Improving your influence: Engaging in counterfactual thinking
    9. Improving your influence: Understanding the need for understanding
    10. Improving your influence: Helping others to feel understood
    11. Improving your influence: Adopting both/and thinking
    12. Improving your influence: Changing the name of the game
    13. Improving your influence: Keeping our emotions in check
    14. Putting it all together
    15. Onwards and upwards
  11. 3: Winning the Pitch
    1. Allowing people to come to their own conclusions
    2. Stories are timeless and everywhere
    3. The science of storytelling
    4. Understanding the irrational appeal of stories
    5. What is a story?
    6. “SOAR vividly”
    7. Using vivid language
    8. The science of the small stuff
    9. Making money through stories
    10. Focusing on the O and A
    11. Adding in a little TLC
    12. Matching backgrounds
    13. Turning molehills back into mountains
    14. Running your story through a final check
    15. Onwards and upwards
  12. 4: Winning the Job
    1. Impressing at interview
    2. Answering tough interview questions
    3. Telling stories that sell your skills
    4. Beguiling interviewers with words
    5. Using body language to best effect
    6. Getting invited to more interviews
    7. Getting help from a network
    8. Tapping your own network
    9. Building up your network
    10. Asking for a bigger salary (and receiving it)
    11. Onwards and upwards
  13. 5: Winning the Race
    1. Getting to grips with organizational savvy
    2. Honing your organizational savvy
    3. Taking your organizational savvy to the next level
    4. Playing to your strengths
    5. The link between strengths and success
    6. The role of hard work
    7. What is a “strength” exactly?
    8. Identifying your own strengths
    9. Delving even further into your strengths
    10. Choosing the right career path
    11. Pursuing Option A: Reshaping your work to your strengths
    12. Pursuing a different Option A route: Looking elsewhere
    13. Taking Option B: Choosing to forge on in spite of your weaknesses
    14. Bringing everything together to win the race
    15. Onwards and upwards
  14. Conclusions: Onwards, Upwards and Over to You
    1. Lose by doing nothing
    2. Lose by doing too much
    3. Plan, Do, Review
    4. Plan, Do, Review: Step 1 – Plan
    5. Plan, Do, Review: Step 2 – Do
    6. Plan, Do, Review: Step 3 – Review
    7. The science of effective reviews
    8. Plan, Do, Review – and do it all over again
    9. Putting it all into practice
    10. A final thought
    11. Onwards and upwards
  15. Index