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How to Win a War

Book Description

What can WWII teach us? Is it possible to see Hitler as an efficient manager? What would today’s business schools have to say about Churchill’s management style? What was going though the minds of leaders when they took decisions that led to thousands of deaths? How did they manage the resultant stress? What strategies were adopted to win battles and campaigns? This book is a history of WWII seen from a completely different perspective – that of the businessperson. During 1939-45, “managers”
of a different kind were facing immense challenges – an unprecedented crisis, struggle for world markets, new technologies being
used on a mass scale. How they coped and succeeded during this period offers unique and valuable lessons for today’s business managers and executives. In doing so, the author analyses WWII’s most famous campaigns, including Barbarossa, Stalingrad,
D-Day and Pearl Harbour

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 From the Bombing of Warsaw to the London Blitz
    1. 1. Unfortunate Poland
    2. 2. The Führer’s First European Tour: Copenhagen-Oslo-The Hague-Brussels-Paris (1940)
    3. 3. What to Do with a Sea Lion?
  9. 2 Interval: the Balkans, Greece and the Mediterranean
    1. 1. A new Caesar is born: Benito Mussolini
    2. 2. Der Afrika Korp and its Managing Director
    3. 3. The Führer’s second European tour: the conquest of the Balkans (1941)
  10. 3 Barbarossa: the World Will Hold its Breath
    1. 1. Barbarossa: the Business Plan
    2. 2. Stalin and Hitler: two styles of management
    3. 3. It’s Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy
    4. 4. Moscow: So Near, Yet So Far
  11. 4 The Stalingrad Epic
    1. 1. Summertime Blues
    2. 2. Uranus: Zhukov’s Trap
    3. 3. The Wise Man makes Corrections, while the Fool remains in Error
  12. 5 Back at Mare Nostrum
    1. 1. The Maltese Falcon
    2. 2. El Alamein
    3. 3. Tunisia: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
    4. 4. All Roads Lead to Rome
  13. 6 Other Fronts, Other Problems
    1. 1. The Importance of being Adolf
    2. 2. Weapons Secret and not so Secret
    3. 3. Welcome, Mr Marshall
    4. 4. The Battle of the Atlantic
    5. 5. Strategic Bombing
  14. 7 Overlord: the Normandy landings
    1. 1. Preparations
    2. 2. D-day and H-hour
    3. 3. The Sleep of the Just
    4. 4. Paris… next stop Berlin?
  15. 8 The Russian Steamroller: from Kursk to Berlin
    1. 1. Germany after Stalingrad
    2. 2. Kursk: nobody’s plan, and everybody’s failure
    3. 3. One more year of war
    4. 4 Stalin at the gates
  16. 9 Armageddon
    1. 1. The Ardennes revisited
    2. 2. Germany, year 0
  17. 10 The Chrysanthemum versus the Meat Mincer: from Pearl Harbour to Nagasaki
    1. 1. Banzai! The Japanese tsunami
    2. 2. Midway (or how to lose a war in five minutes)
    3. 3. Guadalcanal and Achilles’ fury
    4. 4. Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
    5. 5. Excuse me, what’s the quickest way to Tokyo?
    6. 6. How to get around in Philippines
    7. 7. Japanese geography for beginners: Iwo-Jima, Okinawa, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  18. 11 In conclusion: a sort of summary
  19. Notes