monitor significant occurrences or problems in the network as they occur. Critical
events or events requiring immediate action are highlighted.
RISK ViewPoint is a reporting application and poses no security risks. View-
Point uses very little system overhead. It is generally run by operations
The ViewPoint application consists of numerous components. It normally installs
in its own subvolume, not in the $SYSTEM.SYSTEM subvolume. The default sub-
volume is $SYSTEM.ZVIEWPT.
Securing VIEWPOINT Components
BP-PROCESS-VIEWPOINT-01 $ZVPT Pathway application should be
BP-FILE-ZVEWPT-01 ZVIEWPT* should be secured “NUNU”.
BP-OPSYS-OWNER-03 ZVIEWPT* should be owned by SUPER.SUPER.
Discovery Questions Look Here:
FILE-POLICY Is ViewPoint used on the system? Policy
PROCESS-VIEWPOINT-01 Is the $ZVPT application running? Status
OPSYS-FILELOC-03 Where is the installed ZVIEWPT
OPSYS-OWNER-03 Who owns the ZVIEWPT subvolume? Fileinfo
FILE-ZVIEWPT-01 Is the ZVIEWPT subvolume secured
VIEWSYS User Program
VIEWSYS displays system resource use in block mode and bar graph form. It is
used to:
Monitor all processors within a system.
Monitor a selected set of processors within a system.
View resource use within a single processor.
View resource use within all processors being monitored.
View the use of a single resource throughout all the processors being monitored.
514 VIEWSYS User Program

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