9.13. Disk-Related Tuneable Parameters

The following disk-related parameters may be tuned. For HP-UX 10.x systems, these can be adjusted via sam or via the /stand/system file. For HP-UX 11.x systems, the kmtune can also be used for tuning these parameters. Finally, for HP-UX 11i v2 and later releases, the kctune command replaces the kmtune command for changing kernel-based tuneable parameters. The kmtune and kctune commands allow some tuneables to be changed dynamically without rebooting the system. See Appendix C, ”Dynamically Tuneable Parameters” on page 505, for a list of dynamically tuneable parameters.

  • bufpages

  • create_fastlinks

  • dbc_max_pct

  • dbc_min_pct

  • default_disk_ir (10.X and later)

  • max_async_ports

  • maxfiles

  • maxfiles_lim

  • maxvgs

  • nbuf

  • nfile

  • ninode (keep ...

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