Chapter TWO. Partitioned Servers: Node Partitions

Chapter Syllabus

  • 2.1 A Basic Hardware Guide to nPars

  • 2.2 The Genesis Partition

  • 2.3 Cell Behavior During the Initial Boot of a Partition

  • 2.4 Partition Manager

  • 2.5 Other Boot-Related Tasks

Partitioning is not a new concept in the computing industry. Man vendors have provided some form of partitioning as a software and/or a hardware solution for some years. The basic idea of partitioning is to create a configuration of hardware and software components that supports the running of an independent instance of an operating system. HP currently supports two types of partitioning:

  • nPar or Node Partition

  • vPar or Virtual Partition

This chapter deals with Node Partitions and Chapter 3 deals with Virtual Partitions. ...

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