Chapter ELEVEN. Processes, Threads, and Bottlenecks

Chapter Syllabus

  • 11.1 Defining Processes and Threads

  • 11.2 >Process Lifecycle

  • 11.3 Context Switches and Timeslices

  • 11.4 Process/Thread Priorities and Run Queues

  • 11.5 >Multiprocessor Environments, Processor Affinity, and Processor Sets

  • 11.6 Memory Requirements for Processes/Threads

  • 11.7 Memory Limitations for 32-bit Operating Systems, magic Numbers, and Memory Windows

  • 11.8 Performance Optimized Page Sizes (POPS)

  • 11.9 Common Bottlenecks for Processes and Threads

  • 11.10 Prioritizing Workloads with PRM and WLM

This chapter looks at some ideas relating to the life cycle of process. HP-UX is a multithreaded operating system. As such, we need to start that discussion by defining the difference between processes ...

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